Rhymes with “Snowing”

The Taxman Cometh

This was the first year I’ve needed to pay taxes. I feel, slightly…republican…or something like that. It’s not that I don’t mind paying taxes, I just made a paltry amount last summer and ended up paying two Benjamin’s. That’s on top of the over $600 that was taken straight out of my paycheck for Social Security and MediCare.

I think what aggravates me the most is that I’m paying for school more or less out of my own pocket (via loans for the time being) and amount to over three times what I make per a year. Shouldn’t I be getting money from the Government, not giving money to them?

This whole education and tax thing is ass-backwards if you ask me.

Until the next April 15th, enjoy this money-related Family Guy clip:

Update: Renamed the post

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All done at Boeing…for now. Yay! It was an incredible two months. I learned so much, not just Java, but development, business, communication, design. Pretty much everything. And…

…I’ll be doing it again next year! I took an educational leave of absence and I’ll be return next summer as an intern in the hardware group, which is more electrical engineering-based (and that’s my degree). If I like it enough, and if Boeing likes me enough, they might even make me an offer at the end of next year (or the year after, depends on where I stand graduation wise).


The Last Few

The last few days and weeks have pretty much flown by. I’m not quite sure what stories I’ll remember to tell, but I know there are some good ones.

Boeing has been a blur, I can’t believe that I only have 8 days left there. So far, I’ve been on two tours. One to the 737 plant in Renton, the other to the Composites Manufacturing Facility in Fredrickson (a little south east of Tacoma).

It’s amazing how they built airplanes. We were able to see them lift the left-side horizontal stabilizer into place on one of the aircraft at the beginning of the tour and then see them test the inflatable slide (when the door opens in an emergency) on another aircraft. So amazing. We also saw the new blended wing 737 Boeing is making. That’s a weird looking plane.

At Fredrickson, they showed us how they build the composite structures for the 777 horizontal and vertical stabilizers. That’s also an amazing process. The line is U-shaped and almost all the pieces move in one direction. There are autonomous robot vehicles that roam around the floor, moving the large pieces around. Apparently, they also have the largest double-sided autoclaves for curing the composite material. Very cool.

My programming project, is coming along nicely. All of the core programming is done as of Friday. Trying to schedule a review for Monday or Tuesday, then some final testing and tweaking.

We went to Hansville a few weeks back and hung out there for a day.

No trips to Canada thus far and it looks like I won’t get to Canada before I take of for Europe (more on that later).

I had a funny moment the other week. I was talking to Peter about jobs and how funny it would be if, after doing all this technical related work (at Fergcorp, Nordstrom, Boeing, etc), my resume had “UPS Driver” or “Hotel Connoisseur”.

Hotel Connoisseur? It took Peter a few minutes to figure out that I meant concierge, not connoisseur. An excellent Ferg moment.


Early Marriage?

I like Mondays because I get to go to this Boeing Intern events at Boeing Field and then mosey in on to work around 12, work for a few hours and then come home. We were scheduled to hear someone from Connexion by Boeing talk, but instead we had some people from Product Development. If you’ve been following the news lately, you no doubt notice that it has been rumored that Boeing was going to kill off Connexion. It now appears that Boeing is in fact shutting down Connexion. I digress.

I ended up talking to another intern today who I’d never met before (there are quite a few hundred of us, so that happens a lot). There’s a typical initial volley of information to determine who you are, where you’re from, what school you go to, what your major is, and where you’re working and what you’re doing. At the time, the class was doing an intern networking event. The goal was to sit with similar majors (which I completely failed at, sitting with a group of mechanical engineers) and discuss various things (You know you work at Boeing when…“you try to LEAN out your own life”). This intern, who I’ll call John, goes to BYU and is a Mech E. Halfway through our conversation, a female intern, who I’ll call Jane, walks over behind him and gives him a kiss. I assume they’re dating and was surprised about how quickly the two interns got together (my rational being that most interns are from out of state and that it was highly unlikely that a college couple would intern at the same company away from home).

Then John introduces Jane as his wife, and the BYU thing clicks, and it all makes sense now. I didn’t ask, but I doubt that John or Jane are over 22 years old, which is not entirely surprising as I heard about two people at Mines (yes, Colorado School of Mines) who were married last year. If I recall correctly, the guy had just come back from his mission trip and was 23 or so. He ended up marrying a freshman.

Now the question, why do I hear about so many Mormons getting married so young? I assume that it’s traditional, but I don’t know for sure. However, I’m more curious about about the effect of being married so young. It seems atypical for people with a higher social-economic status to marry at such a young age and I wonder how their marriages compare to those of people who get married later in life. Are the divorce rates any different? What about change in social-economic status, does it go up or down? What else deviates substantially from the norm?

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Curious Web

I use 30Boxes as my calendar and it’s been work really well, until I got to Boeing. I couldn’t see my calendar! The site would load and I could see the header and footer, but the actual calendar was nowhere to be found. Curious.

I had no idea why this was happening, except maybe the proxy server was tweaking some of the HTML on the way to my system. So I tried using the Mines HTTP VPN portal to see if that would make a difference. It did: I could now see the default calendar. But I couldn’t log in.

So I tried to view the site straight up on the Internet (without using the Mines VPN portal), and it worked! Weird.

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This one is for the new interns:

When you go outside of the Boeing premises, take your badge off or stuff it in your shirt. No one told me this at training until our group went out for lunch today. It’s not a big deal, more for personal safety.

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Whack Whack

Often during a conversation someone will say something like, “Did you check whack whack elmo whack system whack data?”
It didn’t take very long to figure out what “whack” actually was: a backslash. Thus, the above phrase becomes, “Did you check \\elmo\system\data?”

See also: http://www.unixwiz.net/archives/2004/11/whack_whack_1.html

Note: This wasn’t posted until 6/19/2006. I needed to review it and didn’t have time until now.


Requirement Analysis and a Name

I have my schedule, and now I’m working on the first step of my Intern Project: The Requirement Analysis (RA). The goal of the RA is to make sure that I understand what DeIcer needs to do. Part of this also involves figuring out if what I want to program into DeIcer is even possible, so a feasibility analysis sort of ends up being part of a the RA. This could end up being a rather challenging project. Excellent.

D. asked if I had a name for my project (which I’m externally calling DeIcer), I had been toying around with names that morning and I had the perfect one: *********. (I’ll ask at the end of my internship what I can put on my resume; when I figure out that, I’ll try to backfill some of the information I’m leaving out now). The name is actually pretty clever.

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Back to Monday

Monday’s are the most unproductive days. This should change. Any ideas on how to make Monday’s more productive?

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It’s Friiiiiday!

I’ve been doing a better job in getting to bed on time (i.e., 10pm). Had a meeting with D. today to go get a time-line for my internship: It’s going to be busy, but should be manageable.

Next up is a requirement analysis. I’ll should starting working on this Monday afternoon, as I’m waiting for D. to complete some preceding work. My analysis will be completed a week from today (next Friday), culminating in my first PowerPoint presentation.

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Note: This wasn’t posted until 6/4/2006. I needed to review it and didn’t have time until now.