Drug Test: + For Amphetamine

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Yea…I tested positive on my drug test. No surprise really since it was actually Adderall (for my ADHD) so it’s really just fine. Here’s the unnerving part. In order to exclude the Adderall from the drug test, they needed me to get a litter signed by the pharmacist. So I went down and did that. Not once did they ever ask for any ID or have me sign anything! I walked up, said my name, asked for a list of all medications dispensed to me for 2005 and that was it. I’m pretty sure I signed a HIPAA form which should prevent that from happening. Curious. In any event, it’s all taken care of now.

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Quick Response

DHL dropped off a letter today:

Dear Andrew Ferguson,

We are excited to provide you an opportunity to be part of The Boeing Company. We take innovation and teamwork to a new level….

Awesome! Simply awesome! My internship is “contingent upon approved results or satisfacrory completetion” of a background check, drug testing, and various other forms.

This also means that A) I will be in Seattle for the summer, again; and B) Project 42 will have to wait.

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About the Boeing Interview

The interview with Boeing went very well. We talked a lot about my work at Mines Internet Radio. It’s funny, I never really thought about MIR as work experience, but it is. Dealing with the bureaucracy, having to write reports, balancing the assignments of tasks, and still making the damn thing work with minimal fuss.

But the work going on a Boeing is very cool and is something that I would be proud to be a part of. They’ll get back to me in a few weeks.

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Internship Updates

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I got a letter from the CIA two days ago, a thin one:

Thank you for expressing interest in serving your country though a career with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Unfortunately, after careful review, we have been unable to identify an available position commensurate with your background and experience.

Commensurate? WTF? Based on context, I knew what it meant. But I had to look it up to get the actual definition:

Main Entry: com·men·su·rate
Pronunciation: k&-‘men(t)s-r&t, -‘men(t)sh-; -‘men(t)-s&-, -sh&-
Function: adjective
Etymology: Late Latin commensuratus, from Latin com- + Late Latin mensuratus, past participle of mensurare to measure, from Latin mensura measure — more at MEASURE
1 : equal in measure or extent : COEXTENSIVE 2 : corresponding in size, extent, amount, or degree : PROPORTIONATE
– com·men·su·rate·ly adverb
– com·men·su·ra·tion /-“men(t)-s&-‘rA-sh&n, -sh&-/ noun

From Merriam-Webster

Okay then. Guess I’m just too good for the CIA. But wait! There’s more!

I received an email from Boeing yesterday:

Dear Andrew Ferguson,

Congratulations! You are currently under consideration for one or more positions at The Boeing Company.

I filled out the remaining information for that internship and now it’s back to the waiting game. As a note, this is the same internship that I was working on apply to last summer.

Other things that are still in the loop, Nordstrom and a Europe Trip.


CIA Internship

Just a few notes here and then a quick request. I did interview with the CIA at noon today for an internship. If I were to receive this internship, it would most likely be under the Directorate of Science and Technology, doing science and technology development or analysis. The time line is as follows. I am currently filling out the Personnel Evaluation Form. With it, I will send in a 5-10 page example of my writing.

This is where I need your help.

I have identified two examples that I am considering sending in. The first is my analysis of the Microsoft Antitrust Case [pdf warning], written also two years ago during the winter semester of my senior year in highschool. The second is my analysis of the Challenger incident [pdf warning], writen just last spring during my freshman year of college. If you have some time to waste because you’re putting off homework or whatnot, take a look at them and let me know what you think. You can email me or leave your suggestions in the comments section of this post. And the suggestions don’t have to be detailed at all. You could even say “I like … the best.” Of course, the more information you provide, the more helpful it will be.

Within two weeks of my submittal of this information, the CIA will contact me to either offer me a conditional internship or not. This is where it gets fun. In order to work at the CIA, I have to have a Top Secret clearance. This is involves a very lengthy and detailed background check (9-12 months….rushed). So, if you know me, don’t be supprised when you get a call asking about me. I will alert people who I directly list on my SF86 form (the begins of the background check), however I am going to assume that they will contact people not on that list. Be open, be honest, be candid.

Assuming they offer me the internship, and assuming I pass the background check, the earliest I would know is mid-April whether or not I will be in DC this summer. Let the waiting game begin.


Career Fair

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Most of the companies that come to campus that I’m interested in working at start their internships/co-ops at the Sophomore level. So this was the first that many of the companies took me seriously. Armed with my new resume, I put on my Sunday best and ventured over to the field house.

I targeted the same companies that I’ve targeted in the past: Lockheed-Martin, Northrop-Grumman, Missile Defense Agency, ATK, Puget Sound Naval Ship Yard, and Raytheon.

Raytheon and ATK seemed to take a particular interest in my background, especial the work I did for my Senior Project at the University of Washington. ATK took down my availability for an on-campus interview and the Raytheon person I was talking with pulled in another guy because of the interest in Command and Control systems.

PSNSY was also interesting because if I get into their co-op program they will pay for my college for every year that I work their after I graduate. However, it is a civian job so it doesn’t have all the issues with joining the Army. Hmm.

In any event, I’m still looking for a shadowing opportunity at Lockheed-Martin, so any inside help would be nice.


I’m an ISTJ

We did the Myers-Briggs test at work last week and we received our results today. I’m an ISTJ: Introvert (8), Sensing(2), Thinking(27), Judging(4). The numbers indicate how much I lean toward that type (on a scale of ± 0 to 30). We had a chance to go over our results and talk about what the results mean. The critical point was how different types present and receive information.

It would be interesting to see if different types respond differently to different types of GUI (that would be graphical user interfaces). I imagine that they would and computing could be a whole lot simpler if developers understood that.