I Remember

A short blob about my past everyday.

I Remember: The Amusement Park

I remember that I was around 4 or 5 years old (I think) and I was at an amusement park with my friend Eric Boyd and his dad, Tom. And we were going to meet up with my dad, but we couldn’t find him. So we paged him. I was upset.


I Remember: Looking at AE II for the Second Time

I remember going into a class room with our 8mm video camera and taking video so I could look back at it later. Although I don’t think I ever did. I think I just wanted to make a video. I didn’t go back to AEII for 5th/6th grade.


I Remember: Psychiatrist for the First Time

I remember was in eight grade at Billings Middle School. Our class was small, just 13 students (if you count Sully). I had never heard of the game and only a few people hadn’t played it (myself being one). I went out of the room and waited for them to come and bring me back so I could diagnose their problem. I came back and I started asking questions and I couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t know why, but it was so funny.


I Remember: Big Foot

When I was around 7 maybe, my Dad, my brother and myself drove for a long time in the off white ’84 Toyota 4×4. We then took a train ride with open-air cars. As we crossed over a bridge, a man pointed out a big foot print in the sand. “Look at the Big Foot print, over there!” the man said to me. That was the first time I heard about Big Foot. I don’t think I believed him. On the way home, we hit a dear.


I Remember: The Principal Liked Tintin

This is new feature I’m going to try. It’s called “I Remember” and I’m basically lifting the concept directly from Andy Detskas, which I found via 2020 Hindsight. I’m adapting it to my needs. As you will find out, my past is kind of weird. I am disabling comments as this is more of a passive thing then an interactive thing. Enjoy!

I remember in 3rd grade, I didn’t want to go class that day. So I stayed out in the hall with my mom, with my Tintin book. I think it may have been Red Rackham’s Treasure. My mom had to leave at some point. She had a meeting or something. I remember crying and the principal from our school coming out. Her name was Zoe. I remember she knew something about Tintin and said she had some tracing paper and I could trace stuff out of the book. I never did trace anything. But I remembered she liked Tintin.