I Remember

A short blob about my past everyday.

I Remember: My First MP3

Back In The Day™, they used to not have MP3s. Yea, I know; I have no idea how the world lived before then either, but the fact still remains.

Also back In The Day™, I used to have a babysitter. I actually went though many babysitters, however that is a topic for another day. My babysitter at the time was a student by the name of Andrew Schirmer.

One of the times he was baby sitting us (Brian and me), he downloaded Winamp (version 1, so this version didn’t suck) and then played a copy of Goldfinger that he downloaded from his server1.

That was my first MP3 I ever heard. I have no idea why I still remember that either.

1 Actually I think it was his friends server…not that it matters.


10 Years: Where You When Princess Diana Died?

As I was driving into school this morning, NPR alerted me to fact that today is the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death.

For whatever odd reason, I remember where I was. Our family was in Canon Beach, Oregon and we were heading to the Ramey’s and had just arrived. Dad had a pager that received news alerts and such. I remember that I didn’t believe Dad at first. I’m not sure why I didn’t. And that’s how I found out.

Who else remembers where they were when Princess Diana died?


I Remember: Ed Moats

I remember Freshman year: Ed Moats. 8:15 am Advanced Algebra. What a class. Ed was a retired lawyer who thought teaching was a good idea. Not so much.

Ed Moats to Austen Holman, “Are you From Austin, Texas?”

Ed Moats to Dori Scherer, “Everything hunky-dory?”

Yup. Quite a class. Oh and Ed confronting that one kid who took/stole the Teachers Manual. that was funny. This kid makes some excuse to go use the bathroom, but he’s really going to go photocopy the answers for his friend. Ed catches him with a book and asks what he’s doing. Needless to say, this kid turned as red as a lobster realizing he’d been caught and that was the end of that.


I Remember: Crazy Wayne

I remember Crazy Wayne, my pre calc teacher Sophomore year. Wayne was from Jamaica and had a real thick accent. I sat in the back right corner of the class and read
out of the math book: teaching myself pre calc and doing the homework. But the best part was the “group quiz.” We also made straw bridges. Dane Kleven hacked the bridge building program to allow for some crazy physics.


I Remember: Sex and Beer in the Bus

I remember during the Canyonlands trip, we had stopped to eat at a BBQ restaurant just outside of Kernville, California. When we had come out, there was a big commotion by the bus. The emergency door was left unlocked and a couple had entered the bus and were found drinking and procreating. At least that’s what we thought.


I Remember: Goldeneye for N64

I remeber playing Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64. I think I first played during a lunch break at school in 6th grade. It was the game to play until Halo came out. I think it would be cool to make a version of the original Goldeneye for Xbox 360 with the original graphics, especially now that Microsoft owns Rareware.


I Remember: Playing Baseball Until Dusk

We played baseball in our backyard:
my brother, my neighbors (Eddie & Chris), and me

Home was in front of the brick wall,
First was the rockwall, next to the garden,
Second was the crack that marked the pathway,
Third was planter, next to the cliff.

We played two on two,
with lots of ghostrunners.

We played until the sun went behind the house,
past the trees, and out of sight.

We played until we couldn’t see,
and then we played no more.


I Remember: Cavemen

I remember in the fourth grade, at Perkins Elementary, if you didn’t turn everything in completely correct, you would get what was effectively detention for Friday afternoon while the other kids got to watch videos or play games. And you wouldn’t find out if you were perfect until Friday at lunch, when you got either a Caveman (meaning “detention”) or a “21 Crayon Salute” (how cheesy is that). One week, I got a Caveman and I was convinced that I turned everything in and someone was “out to get me” or something. I literally stormed out of the classroom (with a very large fuss) and marched down to the office and cried. It still gets me all rilled up inside to this day.

10/19 Update: I’m going to cut back on the “I Remeber” and only post one a week, on Monday’s.