Technology’s Infestation of my Life

Examples of how technology has permeated every single bit of my life.

Operation: Crimson Hat

Previously know as Operation: Red Hat, this is the next step. I have successfully installed SHRIKE, aka Red Hat Linux 9, as the second OS on my Toshiba Laptop, the primary OS being Windows XP. Also, the goals of RH/CH have changed. Instead of migrating to use only Red Hat, the goal is now to have Windows XP and Red Hat live and work together in unison, providing me with the best of both worlds. Thus far, I have been successful, installing a the NTFS patch for Red Hat.


Operation: Red Hat – Day 7

All is going well so far. I got all the updates. I’m having a hard time getting the whole network thing worked out. Samba is installed, and I finally figured out how to give the computer a name (I named it “Voyager”). I can even find it in my workgroup, but when I double click on it, I have to enter a username/password. I try to login as root, but it doesn’t work. I try to login as me, still doesn’t work. I’m going to keep trying.


Operation: Red Hat – Day 1

I have sucessfully downloaded all three of the RH9 ISO files. Each one took about 5 hours. I then managed to install RH on my old Pentium-200MHz system. Only RH can run on this. It actually runs pretty well. I can’t imagine how it will run on my laptop in a few months. Now to see if I can install the printer!


Operation: Red Hat

I a personal fan of free stuff. I try to aquire most of my stuff for free, or at least at extremely reduced prices. Whilst I like Microsoft and the stuff they offer, it is very expensive to maintain my system with the latest and greatest operating system. So today begins Operation: Red Hat.

My attempt to move to Red Hat Linux.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, imagine a more complicated Windows XP, but without the Windows branding and without the Start Bar. Now imagine that the cost is free, but the quality is good. So good, that computer has an uptime of %99.9999999 percent (this is just a guess). That means that in one year, you would not have access to the computer for 0.031536 seconds.

Now this is not my first attempt at running Linux. This is probably the 3rd or 4th try. But it is the first in which I have a computer dedicated soley to running Linux. With any luck, I will put Linux on my Laptop (my main computer) within a few months and run a dual-boot system. In the finally phase, I will run Linux alone…here goes nothing!


Waste your CPU time, join seti@home

OK, so your not really wasting cpu time, your actually putting it to good use. This is what you do: Join the seti@home project. Download the software and register an account. Then site back and what the dopper drifts, gaussian power, and my personal favorite, fast fourier transform. My average pack took about a day and a half (33 hours) to complete on my old computer, but now they only take 10 hours tops on my new one. Sometimes less. Now if you really feeling gutsy, join the “ seti@home” group project. With our power combined, we may not make Captain Planet, but we just might get ET. Which brings me to another point, is the movie E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial being redundant. Becuase E.T. means Extra Terrestrial, so basicly it’s saying Extra Terrestrial: The Extra Terrestrial. Anyways, let’s go find him. Or the Klingons, which brings me to yet another joke. But I’ll save it for later. 😉

One last thing, I promise! I’m also going to make a Star Trek skin for the site, so hold on tight!



I have been a participant in this program for quite a while now. And since I’ve processed sooooo many packets (726, plus 29% in the 727th one as of writing this), I’ve posted my details online. So you too can know: [url=seti.php]How good are Andrew’s Seti@Home Stat’s?[/url]