Technology’s Infestation of my Life

Examples of how technology has permeated every single bit of my life.

Culmination of my High School Career

Tomorrow pretty much begins the begin of the end for high school. After four years of pain and suffering, I’m almost done and get to move on to 4+ more years of pain and suffering at college. However, some exciting things have been happening. As I’ve already mentioned multiple times, Andy and Julia were married on Sunday. I also am going to start working on seting up my Windows Server 2003 box today. Tomorrow I have my English test, which will conclude an entire trimester of various trips to hell and back. I also have my final vocal performance. Thursday has a Physics test at 8:30am followed by a Project Materials test at 10:30. I finish the week with a Calc II test and an American Government test. Sounds like buckets of joy…but not.


Virus attack continues

I have recieved over 64 emails in the past 8 hours that are infected with the W32.Novarg.A@mm or W32/Mydoom@MM virus. Funny thing is, they are all coming from (last octet concealed for privacy) which is the University of Washington.


W32.Novarg.A@mm or W32/Mydoom@MM

At 02:41 PM I recieved an email from someone at the University of Washington. Nothing unusual, except A) I didn’t know this person; and B) The email had an attachment. I figured that it was a virus and so I ran a virus scan, nothing…the file was “clean.” After viewing the content of the file in a quanantined environment, I determined that it had a very high probablility of being a virus. And I was right. The latest virus threat is Novarg or Mydoom, depending on if you use Norton or McAfee, and this is wild one. In the past few years, I have recieved very few virus over email. However, in the last 3 hours,  I have recieved over 25 emails containing the virus. Fortunatly, only the first email made it though before a virus update was issued. My mail server promptly downloaded it and started disinfecting messages.

To learn more about the virus:

And please, update your antivirus.



Guess who’s back…back again? Deep Blue’s back!

I finally got my computer (aka Deep Blue) back on Friday and just moments ago I got it all restored. Woo-hoo. I also made a ghost backup so future restoration will be much faster. I’m sooo excited. However, I am also mad at myself. There was nothing really wrong with the computer, it was just my mini PCI wifi card went belly up. This caused the motherboard to lockup because it was trying to poll the device, but not getting back the correct response (if any response at all). Further testing on Tuesday will determine if it is indeed the wifi card. If so, I will be getting a new one, probably a 802.11g. If not, I need to figure out exactly what the problem is and get it fixed. I suppose if the mini PCI slot was disfunctional, that would cause the same problem.


I never would have guessed

A lot has been going on lately, expect more on that later. But I just finished working on website for a particle accelerator I’m helping with. The fun thing was, I created the entire site using nothing by notepad. Yep, I still have the touch, even if I still usually use WYSIWYG. Check it out, you actually should learn something! Imagine that…learning from the web. Who would have guessed?


Aaahhh! My computer is broken!

Reformating did not fix the problem. Fortunatly, I have a 3 year extended warranty plan that will cover any repairs that are needed, but I have to send it in, so I will be without my precious computer for, gasp…I actually don’t know how long it will take. In the meantime, expect less coding updates and more blog updates.


Computer failure

My computer is having a problem with its wireless card. I tried using System Restore, no luck. I figure it’s about time to reformat, so that’s what I’m working on. I plan on making a Norton Ghost Image this time to ease this process in the future.



We ordered Direct TV with a built-in TiVo recorder on Sunday. We waited for the installer guy to come out and he wanted to install a mast for the dish for an exorbitant amount of money. Yea. I don’t think so. So I took to installing the dish myself. Succesfully completing it in record time. The quality is at least 2 or 3 times better then Cable, plus we don’t get any ghost signals. I now also get TechTV which is pretty cool. The only downside is that we can’t use the HomeMedia Option becuase Direct TV is afraid that we might start pirating movies or something. I am currently looking for a work around. Let me know if you have any ideas.


School and VPN

School started officially on Monday. And with that starting, so did my final year as a Senior. How sad. Not really. I actually have quite a nice class load: Physics, Biotech, Vocal, Honors English (my school doesn’t have AP or IB classes), Study, Calc II, and American Government.

I finially got my VPN working. This is good for two reasons:

  1. I have a secure transport layer for my Wireless card
  2. I have a transport layer that is secure for when I am at school so I can get access to my files on my server. This should pave the way for remote back-ups. How exciting!

1000 emails

Graphing is cool. Especially when you extrapolate data from it. Graphs are also cool when you graph useless information with them, such as how many emails I get per a month. Or how many emails I send per a month. Or both! So that’s what I did. I graphed the amount of email I’ve gotten per a month since 1998. And no, I’m not joking you. I’ve saved almost every single email since 1998. Many of you know this, most of you don’t. In case your worried about privacy issues, don’t. My computer is secured behind a firewall…with all data encncrypted. Now for the results!

This is  how many emails I’ve gotten. As you can see the trend line is going UP! Within the next year or so, I should be recieving upwards of 1000 emails per month. This does not include SPAM or newsletters or automated emailings. 99.5% of these emails are from real people. This does not include my school account, which I don’t use at all, except for inter-school emails. Click on the image to see a bigger, more readable version.