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Tuesday was SAAS Graduation. The last one I’ll go to for now. There are two reasons this will be my last one. First, I don’t know anyone else graduating. This was the last class that I shared a link to. Second, I have this “thing” left over from high school. I don’t know why, but I do. The easiest way to explain it is to just say that I have some desire to rehash my high school life. I feel like I missed out on a lot of things and I left to early (which I didn’t. I did my four years and I was out just like that).

If you’ve ever read “Just a Geek”, by Wil Wheaton, he talks about this ghost called “Prove to Everyone that Quitting Star Trek Wasn’t a Mistake” which he shortens to “Prove to Everyone”.

Always close, but never quite getting that one acting job that would revitalize his career, he struggled to come to terms with what it means to be famous, or, ironically, famous for having been famous.

P.S. If Rob Phillips ever reads this, I’ll never hear the end of it…one might call it an inside joke from Canyon Lands.

I digress.

I was able to see Gillian Derkee, Mira Courage, Adrian Harris (who is freaking huge by the way! 6′ 5″ eghad!). Mission Accomplished. Done and Done.

Thursday was the SAAS Alumni at the BluWater Bistro on Lake Union. Good times for sure. Alec Turnbull, Daniel Bushyhead, Morgan Harris, Devin Fitzpatrick, Celeste Jalbert, Nora Johnson, Peter Markle, and myself represented ’04 (I don’t think I missed anyone from our class). I tried to get Jeff Hanway to come, but he’s insistent on waiting five years, which means two more years before he’ll come. A handful of teachers came: Bill, Canuche, Melinda, and Fred to name a few that I can remember without thinking too hard at two in the morning.


12 Hours of Uber Productivness

I’ve been pretty productive the last 24 hours or so. Here’s what I’ve accomplished:

  • Got a good start on my housing for next year…maybe even almost finalized
  • Called tech support to try and get my laptop fan fixed (it’s been really noisy of late and needs to be replaced)
  • Got an appointment setup for Red October (my car) to get some things diagnosed and fixed, including:
    1. Constant pull to the right
    2. Low idle speed (~200 RPM) with jumps to regular (~1000 RPM), bad O2 sensor?
    3. Under body rattle at lower (<800 RPM) speeds
  • Got a bunch of blog posts out of the way and cleaned up my desktop a bit

Tech support has been less then helpful. They want $75 to expedite my diagnostic. Otherwise I have to give up Apollo (my Tablet) for 3-5 business days, which can’t happen because I do all my school work on it. I can buy the part myself for $36 and change, plus shipping.

If you figure the drive down to Lone Tree and back is about 23 miles each way, I’m looking at $5 in gas for a round trip. If I do that twice (once to diagnose it, once to actually get it fixed…both while I wait), that’s $10 in gas…or almost a 1/4 of the cost of the part. Bonus: There is a Krispy Kreme in Lone Tree, which I’ve been craving since my dream yesterday.

My plan is to drive down there and turn on the charm and logic. Turn the computer on, show them the racket it makes, and get them to order the part.

Plan B is to talk with Nick Lew from SAAS and see if he’d be willing to get the part for me under warranty and have it shipped to me for a modest fee.

Plan C is to order the part my self.


Contemporary Services Corporation Are…

I was going to complete the title of this post with “Douchebags”, but I’m not sure that’s the most appropriate term. Foolish? Ill-informed? Republican? Terrorists? Okay, this getting to political. I’ll just leave it blank and you can decide what word to fill in. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

Shooting pictures can be a challenge sometimes. I used to run into similar situations back in high school when I was doing cinematography.

I remember I was shooting this one scene with my neighbor, Eddie, up at Eckstein Middle School. It was a Saturday, nice and sunny out. We’re in the parking lot shooting (he’s on top of the car, I’m inside basically letting the engine idle us forward). A cop comes up and starts asking us questions. Apparently, some of the parents (there are several soccer games being played on the field) thought we were video tapping cars that we wanted to steal, or something like that. Yea, it was really bizarre.

I also shot some video at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport garage complex. I was shooting the toll-booths because they look very similar to the US-Canadian border crossing booths. After a few minutes, I was asked to stop. I had got what I needed and left.

When I started getting serious about photography, I checkout some books about my legal rights. I wanted to know where I stood legally because if you know me, I like to push the boundaries. They more or less boil down to:

  • I can take pictures of anyone or anything on public property (this includes streets, sidewalks, and public parks)
  • Anything really does mean anything (in public, that is): accidents, children, celebrities, criminal activities, buildings, law enforcement offices, etc
  • Private parties, absent a court order, have no right to confiscate my film. Taking or attempting to take my film can constitute a criminal offense against me (such as theft and coercion)
  • The same applies for law enforcement, unless they are arresting me (which I hope doesn’t happen)

As always, I am not a lawyer (IANAL), so consult your attorney of choice before doing something rash. All the information above is taken from an excellent pamphlet put out by Bert P. Krages, who happens to be photography as well as a lawyer: The Photographers Rights. I keep this in my camera bag at all times and would suggest you do as well.

This brings me to EDays. From last year, I know that there are certain restrictions on how I shoot (i.e. flash or no-flash) and when I can shoot. That’s fine and all. This year, the CSC (Contemporary Services Corporation) Event Staff Supervisor comes up to me to make sure I know the deal. I say yes. Then he adds something to the effect of, “If you don’t follow these rules, I will have to confiscate your camera.”

As I noted above, confiscating or attempting to confiscate my camera/film is a no-no. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it because I was here already and I didn’t want to get kicked out before the concert even started. I was going to talk to him after the concert, but I couldn’t find him and I was dead tired.

So I did the next best thing, I sent an email to Mike Smith, Branch Manager for CSC Denver, Colorado:

From: Andrew Ferguson
Re: CSC photography equipment confiscation policy

Mr. Mike Smith,

My name is Andrew Ferguson. I’m a student at the Colorado School of Mines. I also happen to take photographs. On Friday, March 30, 2007, The Colorado School of Mines hosted a concert with Flogging Molly and Single File.

I was a volunteer photography at that event with a full access press pass. Before the concert, the Contemporary Services Corporation* Event Staff Supervisor for that event talked to me to make sure I knew the rules about only photographing the first three songs of each band and to not use the flash. I informed him that I did. He then preceded to tell me that if I were to break those rules, he would have to confiscate my camera.

I have read a few books on a photographers legal rights and talked to a few friends I have who are lawyers. It is my understanding that private citizens, absent a court order, are not allowed to take my equipment for any reason. Furthermore, taking my equipment, directly or indirectly, by threatening to use force or call a law enforcement agency can constitute criminal offenses such as theft and coercion.

I regret that I did not obtain the supervisors name, however, his blue jacket had the number 202 on it and identified him as the CSC Event Staff Supervisor.

The purpose of my email is to find out what CSC’s official policy on the matter of photography equipment confiscation is.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, my contact information is below.

Thank you for your time,

Andrew Ferguson
//my email address//

We’ll see how that goes.

* If you don’t know who CSC is, they’re pretty much the Halliburton of event security. The minions wear bright yellow jackets and try to look tough. You’ll probably see them on TV if your watching a sports game.


Everyone I know is Studying Abroad!

Not everyone. But a lot.

Jeff Staples is in El Salvador. Charlie Wyman is in Ecuador. Amelie Mabbutt and Hannah Bellinger are in Spain (although not with the same group…as far as I know). Julia Masnik and David Clausen are in London (together). Jessen Myburgh is in Greece. Alison White is in New Zealand. Katherine Staples is at St. Andrew’s in Scotland. Katie Shaiman is in Edinburgh, Scotland. Matthew Knowles was in France. Amy Dubetz is in Budapest. Amy Beck is in Buenos Aires. Lindsay Hansberry is in Europe.

There could be others, but I’m done looking through Facebook, for now, trying to figure out where everyone is. The point still stands though: A crap ton of people I know are not in the United States (or Canada or Mexico) right now.

Mesa Schumacher is in Peru. Kelly Nolan is Florence.

Next school year, Brittany Linton is going to Japan and Devan O is going to London.

Update II:
Lauren Rubinfeld is in Sydney, Australia.

Update III:
Dan Lecocq is in Japan!


Good Tablet Deal

Dugan, a commententer in the StudentTabletPC forums, has two Acer Tablet PC’s for sale on eBay: Acer c301 and Acer c303.

I can’t vouch for him or the laptops, but they appear to be decent deals. Gary Anderson, my math teacher from SAAS also owns an Acer Tablet and as far know likes it a lot.

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SAAS 2006 Graduation

Going into this years SAAS graduation at Meany Hall on the UW campus, I had no idea why I was there. Other than to congratulate previous classmates on a job well done and give them the scoop on college, there really wasn’t a point for me being there. In fact, I really hate going to the graduations. Not because they’re boring. Yes, they are long (this evenings graduation ran just shy of 4 hours), but I hate them because they highlight my own inadequacies of high school.

I envy the students who were track state champions, won the state title at speech and debate, and won the regionals at mock trial. I envy the students who can paint on 3′ x 3′ canvases, get the lead in musical, be classes president for three years, and pioneer new clubs as SAAS. I envy the students who get into Yale, are on merit scholarships, and intern at the latest and greatest companies.

I almost left after intermission. Why must I put myself through this. And in the darkness of the auditorium, while Jean was grilling some student on the hot seat, it came to me: I’m here to remind myself of where I came from and where I must go.

Jenny Zavatsky, who is leaving SAAS this year, was Faculty Speaker, along with Steve Retz. Her charge for this class of 2006 was to make the world better. And while I’m not part of the class of 2006, the the toolsets given to me are mostly the same.

And so I left Meany Auditorium at a quarter past eleven, confident once again in the fact that I know where I want to go and what I want to do: affecting the course of humanity for the best and making the world a better place.


Action Alert: The Onions at SAAS

The Onions, SAAS’s awesometastic vocal group is singing again tonight at the Arts Center. If you’re an alumni, you can get your ticket for the low low price of $4, which is actually pretty good considering adult tickets are $10 a pop. Like I said, it’s tonight at the Arts Center, 7pm. I’ll be there, I saw Paige Pauli yesterday and she said she’d be there. Anyone else going?


Sir Poop’s Playhouse: Bloggers

  • SAAS

Trevor Essmeier, a good friend from SAAS, and very well endowed…at least creatively, draws what I think to be a funny comic and worthy of puting on AFdN. So, as long as he makes ’em, I’ll post them here every Wednesday at 12am in whatever timezone I’m in. Many of these will be NSFW, not that this blog is really something that should be looked at during work. Just try to avoid it on Wednesday’s.


UPA HS Western Championship

The Ultimate Players Association – Hgh School Division – Western Conference Championship was up in Boulder, Colorado over the weekend. Brian was playing for Nathan Hale. SAAS was also there. I took pictures of both. The UPA is also interested in my photos, so who knows, maybe they’ll be in a UPA publication in the near future.


The 2006 Ultimate Players Association (UPA) High School Western Championships ended Sunday at the Pleasantview Soccer Fields in Boulder, Colorado with repeat champions in both the Open and Girls’ divisions.

The Northwest School (Seattle, Wash.) repeated as Open champions by defeating Hopkins (Minnetonka, Minn.) in a hard-fought final, 14-9. In the Girls’ division, Nathan Hale (Seattle, Wash.) was also able to repeat with a win over The Northwest School (Seattle, Wash.), 14-7, in the championship game.

Click on the links below for scores and highlights.
Open Division     Girls’ Division     Results

Open Division     Girls’ Division     Results  

Photos on Flickr

P.S. At the time of this post, Flickr says there’s “a glitch in the matrix, which we’re working on now. It will be some hours before all is right in the world again (from 10:38 PST).” Thus, some of the photos may not show up right now and you might get weird messages, such as “This photo has been deleted.” It probably hasn’t and if you check back later, all should be right again