I really hate thinking about college

I really hate thinking about college. It’s not that I’m not looking forward to college, because I am. I am so pumped. It just requires such a paradigm shift. A shift I haven’t experienced a long time over 4 years. A shift that bring backs so many memories that I don’t want to consider. However, in many ways, this shift will be new. I have closed a chapter in my life that took 18 years, 4 months, and 8 days to write and opening a new chapter that should hopefully be open only for 5 years…maybe 6.

I keep going over specific events in my head from the last 4 years. Odyssey Trip, Spring Days, Sound of Music, Crazy Wayne, Tyler’s class, Track, Vocal Revue, How to Succeed, Canyon Lands. Where I’ve been and where I am now are so far apart…it’s incredibly hard to comprehend. I don’t want to let go. In many way’s, I won’t let go.


Back from vacation and THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

Canyonlands was a very cool and special expierence. I did manage to keep a log of some sorts. Mexico was also very cool. It was certainly a different expierence, coming from 10 days of hiking and living in my own filth. I heard from the rest of my colleges while I was away. I can now confirm what I’ve know for several months. Next year, I, Andrew Ferguson, will be attending college in the State of Colorado at (drum roll please): Colorado School of Mines. Perhaps the sad thing about making my own decision is that decisions from many of my friends are now going to be trickling in. Ben is going to UW and Quinn just announced that he will also be attending UW. Staples will be heading East to Boston College. Of course, you can just check the College page to find all that information. Tomorrow I head back to school to finish my last 9 days of regular school. Then I begin my 5 week internship at UW. In many ways, I really am not looking forward to High School ending. It means the end of everything I’ve known for not only the last 4 years, but the last 18 years as well. But at the same time, it’s also very exciting as I can start a new journey.

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Canyonlands: Tuba City

Zone: 12
397570 Northing
479813 Easting

Because of the delay in Flagstaff, we had to spend the night in Tuba City. We arrived at 6pm and promptly ate dinner at Hogan’s, a small restaurant tied to the local Quality Inn. The males spent the night outside, save JHan and Thomas. I wore tops and bottoms, fleece, wool gloves, booties, and a skull cap and I was still a little cold. We woke up this morning and had breakfast at Hogan’s then drove to Bashas’ Grocery where I purchased the last few essentials. I called home and found out that I was rejected from Caltech. I’m not really that disappointed. It really just makes it that much easier to go to CSM.

Note: The coordinates are obviously off and should actually be located more north


The Begining of the Begining of the End…or something like that

My first week of classes for the 3rd and final trimester is almost done. My classes are pretty good: Physics, Life after SAAS, Study, Page to Stage/Senior Project (English), Lunch, Ballet, Calc II, and American Government. Usually at about this time on Friday, I’m really ready for the week to be over. But it really feels like the week is only half over. All the better I suppose. I still haven’t decided on a college yet, but most of you should be able to surmise that CSM is going to be the place to be…however, that is in no way final. I have decided to go to prom. I’m not sure who it’s going to be with, seeing as I have no current girlfriend. Quinn, Peter, Ben, et al. have put together a list of potential candiates.

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Times are a changin’

This past week has been rather busy. However, it has also given me a chance to reflect about the past four years the next four to six years. On Friday, I was able to spend a day at CSM and unless CSM falls off the face of the Earth, or CalPolybecome non-traditional, or Caltech suddenly becomes less liberal, Golden, Colorado will be my next stop. Then on Monday and Tuesday, the entire Senior class went to Camp Burton to discus graduation at Meany Hall. That sort of set into motion the idea that there really is only a limited time left. I think that changed the entire attitude of the Senior class. And now today, I’m working on the slide show for one of my buddies who’s getting married in 3 days!! So much has happened, is happening, and will happen over the few months, it’s going to be amazing. The farthest event that I’ve put on my calendar is starting college and that’s only 6 months away or so. I’m not even out of high school. Between now and then I have to:

  • Andy and Julia’s Wedding
  • Ski @ Whistler
  • Hike @ Canyonlands
  • Build @ Mexico
  • Finish School
  • Senior Project @ UW
  • Work on Graduation
  • Upgrade the Server Hardware
  • Upgrade the Server to W2K3 Server
  • Figure out long term plans for fergcorp.com and andrewferguson.net
  • Configure the entire network to either run by itself or remotely from my dorm in Colorado
  • Graduate
  • Say Goodbye
  • Day Camp
  • Clean my room
  • Pack
  • Go to Shasta
  • Migrate to Colorado

…among other things. And that’s just the major stuff I can think of right now. I’m almost afraid to blink my eyes because everything is going to pass by so fast. Ack.


The past few days

The past few days have been rather hectic. On Monday and Tuesday, I went in for some spiffy brain scanning called SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) which involves the intravenious injection of Technium-99, a gamma emiting agent often used in nuclear medicene with a half-life of just 6 hours. The Technium flows to certain parts of the brain where the SPECT machine can detect it. Results should be back within a few weeks.

Then on Wednesday, I finally got my cell phone fixed. Funny story there, I had been to the Verizon store in South Center. One of the sales person their said that I was eligle to upgrade and would recieve $100 of the phone if I signed a new 2 year contract (my contract had just expired less then 2 weeks ago). However, I had to wait for my father becuase he was the one paying the bills. It makes complete sense and I had no complaints. So then the sales person puts a little note in the computer system saying that I’m eligble for the $100 rebate and that I just needed my father. Since my dad was Chicago at the time, I him call Verizon and say that it was okay for my mother to be present. We went into the Downtown store and the sales rep tells us that since I’m a second line on my mothers cellphone plan, I don’t qualify for the rebate. We tell him the entire story, he goes and looks in the database and bam…free phone. So Verizon pretty much gained some very good points in my book, at least enough to talk about them.

I get the phone, go to the airport, catch my 11am flight to Colorado on a 777. That was fun. I have pictures and will upload them as soon as I get a chance.

Then today I went to Colorado School of Mines, and toured the campus, again. I got to talk with one of the prof’s. Tomorrow I get to follow a student around for the whole day. That should prove to be exciting.


Where I just might go to college…

The letter arrived in the mail yesterday:
Dear Andrew:
As part of our Golden Scholars Application Program, it’s a pleasure to offer you admission for fall 2004. You’re among the select students…
What does this mean? Well, unless CalTech accepts me, I will, in all likelihood, be heading off to Colorado School of Mines. This is the one big thing that I was thinking about day in and day out for the past month or so. So now that’s it’s done, wow…I don’t know what I’ll do. In case anyone else was wondering, I am also applying to CalPoly, and CU Boulder.