Mines Internet Radio Website

The MIR website has seen several revisions. First it was the CSMBC site, which really had nothing to do with MIR since CSMBC is the parent club of MIR. The original MIR website was powered by Mambo before the hostile takeover. Mambo was too big for what we needed and I wasn’t that familiar with it and trying to figure out how it worked during the school year wasn’t going to be an option. So we scraped Mambo and went to a custom-coded in-house design.

Much smaller and on the surface, it did what it needed to do…at least for the most part. But the back end was non-existent and that wasn’t going to fly. So that brings me to the third revision of the MIR website. Currently being developed over at http://radio.fergcorp.com (please visit it, click around, see if anything doesn’t work, really try and break it), MIROMS (Mines Internet Radio Online Management System, pronounced ‘mir-‘Om-s) uses the WordPress core and then builds functionality around that using plugins and the great sets of hooks available for WP.

At some point, I’m planning on releasing the code for it. I want to release it under the GNU, but I’m also thinking about releasing it under Creative Commons so that non-profits can use it for free, but corporations would have to pay some sort of licencing fee (not very much though).

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Server Compromised

Stephanie Savage, the VP of The CSM Broadcasting Club, sent me an email last night telling me the server was down. Ryan Goodwin went over to the office to check it out. Nothing doing.

I just got an email from AC&N (Academic Computing and Networking) saying that our server had been “compromised.” I had Goodwin take preventive measures (i.e. turn the server off). He’s going to format it and setup Linux on it.

Seeing as he’s the Linux guru, I’m letting him go for it.

Another Blog

Well. I thought one was enough…but it’s not. I know have two blogs! This one and tech.andrewferguson.nethttp://www.weeklytechroundup.com or Weekly Tech Round-Up (WTR). It’s for my new radio show on Mines Internet Radio. I’m treating them as completely separate entities so the casual blog reader won’t need to read both of them to stay in touch with my life. WTR is a half-hour show that covers the latest news in the technology sector over the previous week. Maybe one or two articles covered on WTR might (and I stress might) end up over here. In short, there is a bucket of things that I find interesting, there’s a bucket of things that I think that you might find interesting, and then there is a bucket of things that the CSM community ought to find interesting. The latter is what WTR is geared towads. So enjoy that!

What a Game

I’m back at home now, listening to MIR broadcast the Oredigger football. Mines is winning. The broadcast is working perfectly. It’s sunny outside. I’m happy.

Storage Server Finally POSTing

PCClub identified the storage server as having a fried motherboard. They also indicated that I did…which I didn’t. However, they were able to replace if for free and I was not in a mood to fight about it.

Comments closed because of continual spamming.

First Sports Broadcast

I just completed producing Mines Internet Radio’s (MIR) first sports broadcast. The Colorado School of Mines defeated Midland Lutheran 1-0 in overtime. Very exciting. Tune in to MIR on Saturday at 1pm for the football season opener, http://radio.mines.edu (Note: link only works if you are on campus…for now).

PCClub, the Nordstrom of the Computer World

PCClub is great. That’s all that I can really say. There was a snafu in our order and the wrong chip was sent. PCClub worked with me to get get the motherboard replaced (the chip I wanted was an older Socket 478, which they didn’t have in stock at the Denver or Broomfield). This should hopefully get things going again!

Mines Internet Radio is Coming Along

The PCClub order was sent out today. It should hopefully be here on Monday. I’ve been doing more work on the MIR website and if you are on campus or VPN in, you can check it out at http://radio.mines.edu. For everyone else out in Internet-land, I’m working on submitting the needed forms to have the firewall rules amended to allow traffic to reach the server.