Progress Continues

I got an oscilloscope for my birthday and was able to get through a very important hurdle last week.

I spent the weekend laying out a new PCB, which should arrive in late next week.

Interestingly I’ve also ventured into gray market IC chips from China. We’ll see how this goes.

Don’t worry, it’s still not a bomb…despite all the wires.


Zellman’s Whirlyball Birthday Party

Apologies are in order for this one, at some point in time I became super busy and stopped working on large sets of photos that needed to be edited. Then I started running out of space on my laptop. And then I got a new laptop. And still was running out space. And then I built a network storage device, got my photos back in order, and I’m working through the backlog.

Funny story though, I actually showed up to this event the day before it was scheduled.


St. Louis Arch

I was in St. Louis for a conference last week and found myself with some free time before I had to hop on a plane…just enough time to make a trip to the Arch.