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Streaming Media Added!!

Wow, perhaps one of the coolest things since sliced bread. I finally got my Helix Server online. Right now, I’m only streaming on-demand Windows Media Files. But I hope to add some other stuff too.



Bordem is quickly fading into the past as I manage to recall what I supposed to do during Summer Vacation. I added a new section, Flash. These are all the Flash Animations that I’ve done over the years. Go check them out, their pretty spiffy. I’m also working on making the website a bit more modular, to make adding new features and such a painless process. Hope you are all having a great summer!


What’s actually been done vs. what has claimed to have been don

I’ve posted my Flash files, see the link to the left. I’ve also posted some video files. Again, see link to the right.

Just a word to the wise, the flash files are mine: as in, I created them, as in, you take them and I will venture over to your house with my shotgun and shot you in the knees, then leave.


Sunday Morning, veeeeery very early

I changed the [url=]picture of the week [/url]on Friday. I’m going to try and have a new picture every week. I also added some more pictures to the picture gallery. These show what might happend [i]if[/i] Iraq won the war, which they won’t, so it’s really an excerise in futility.


Waste your CPU time, join seti@home

OK, so your not really wasting cpu time, your actually putting it to good use. This is what you do: Join the seti@home project. Download the software and register an account. Then site back and what the dopper drifts, gaussian power, and my personal favorite, fast fourier transform. My average pack took about a day and a half (33 hours) to complete on my old computer, but now they only take 10 hours tops on my new one. Sometimes less. Now if you really feeling gutsy, join the “ seti@home” group project. With our power combined, we may not make Captain Planet, but we just might get ET. Which brings me to another point, is the movie E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial being redundant. Becuase E.T. means Extra Terrestrial, so basicly it’s saying Extra Terrestrial: The Extra Terrestrial. Anyways, let’s go find him. Or the Klingons, which brings me to yet another joke. But I’ll save it for later. 😉

One last thing, I promise! I’m also going to make a Star Trek skin for the site, so hold on tight!


Ah…another day in the life of:

And another week is finally over. Tomorrow is the mid-term, so we have no school. I’m going up to the Pass to ski. I’ve updated the navigation bar so that it’s also run off of PHP and mySQL. There are still some items that are not linked. They just link back to this page for now. They should be fixed soon. I’ve also started working on my Star Trek database, which will allow you to search and cross-reference any information related to Star Trek. It’s going to be pretty big, so it won’t be online for at least 6 months. Right now, it’s on track to be completed by the end of my Senior year (that’s exactly 1.5 years plus 59 minutes from now).


It’s about time!

YeeeHaaa! School is finially out, and I must say, it’s about time. Summer vacation is finally among myself and a few selected individuals until the 19th (that’s when public schools get out). Linchpin was finally released and work on the sequal, 2435, is underway. P.S. I also changed over from Xitami to Apache…so if somethings are working right…drop me a line.