AFdN Updates

Information concerning the website

Some quick, yet big, changes

The migration is on! Ducks are flying south and I am upgrading! The process to move from a Windows 2000 Pro based to a Windows 2003 Server setup has begun. First step, testing. I have currently setup the server to stream all the video files. You can verify this be noting the fact that before each clip is played, a short “Powered By: Windows Media Player 9 Series” ad is shown. For those of you complaining about IIS, have no fears, I’ll still be running Apache. That begs the question, why not just run Linux….if only it were as simple as that.


Ohh…That’s nice music!

I was dinking around on the Windows Media Player Plugin Site and found a plugin that dumps the content tag of your current music to either a XML or text file. Then I found some simple PHP to decipher the text file and I added it to the bottom of the page. So when I’m listening to music, you can see what I’m listening too.


New content

I’ve added some new content. In the meantime, I’m bolstering the computer for my vacation. I hope I don’t have a repeat of last year:

08-27-2002 12:00 AM – Shot to hell!!! WHY?!?!?

I leave for a month and a half and when I come back, everthing is shot to hell. I do sincerley appologize for the server being down. I was going mad. I believe that the power, for whatever reason, was cut off and the computer rebooted. So when I got back, I tried to fix it, but no such luck. So I switch the Compaq back the HP which, thankfully, had a backup copy of website. So here I am, computers running, Compaq is in the trash and I’m finially able to get back down to the basics.


No more preg_replace

I decided that I didn’t want a preg_replace feature. For all the benefits that it offered, it would be to hard to maintain the array of information it had to store. It would also consume quite a bit of processing power per a page request.


Testing reg_replace

I’ve added a new feature. It’s designed to help highlight keywords that have http links to other websites. Basically, large brand names and such. So far the list is very, very small. Just: Microsoft, IBM, PHP, ASP, mySQL, Star Trek, Lucent, SSI, HTML, Flash, Macromedia, and Xbox. See how those are all links? Well, I didn’t put the HTML code there, the computer did, with the aid of PHP. That also highlights a second issue I have to work out, I only want it to replace each word once in a document. No sense in having the word replace multiple times. We’ll see to what degree I can get it to work. I’m sure there is already a version out there I can use.


General Housekeeping

I did some general house keeping, helping the site reflect more of who I am. So I took some general stuff off, such as the “Guys Rules” article and the “Plane Sayings”. I am also going to add some more content soon.

I added a “Printer Friendly” button to the bottom of the page. I’m still refining it slightly, but it works very nicely.


Style updates

I changed some of the colors and styles for the site. Also changed some of the back-end coding to make it easier to update. Let me know if stuff isn’t working.


The Dating Index

Ok, this is really cool. I created this new Dating Index. It may be nothing, but it is fun to play with. Go check it out under the ‘Technical’ heading. I also updated some more back end stuff, nothing of real important…but go check out the dating index! Really!



Just had a great idea: What if I made the little “New” icon by the news time based. So I did!

If the news has been posted within the last 86400 seconds(the time() function uses seconds since Unix epoch, how cool is that?), or 24 hours since my last post. Voila!

It also applies to the archived news items.


Yikes! Updates Galore!

Well, I moved all the media into the “Media” section. This allows more room for important stuff like “Me’s” and “Résumé“.

Wait, what’s that you say?!? Andrew’s looking for a job? Yes I am, please hire me.

Me’s is a section where I showcase other people named: Andrew Ferguson.

That’s really all there is for now. I did some more backend coding to make editing a little easier, nothing that affects the outcome of the site though.

Did I mention that I’m looking for a job?