The times they are a-changin’.

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I was home sick today and in between drifting in and out of consciousness1 in my bed, I came up with these sequences of numbers:

  1. 88642483261224_
  2. 7535155251_
  3. 91998188_

Can you determine which numbers comes next?

  1. I think it was some sort of sinus infection or something…massive headache, congestion, general stuffiness, sore throat, etc…pretty much felt like death 

6 thoughts on “Numbers”

  1. Spoiler warning! Potential solution follows!


    I can’ t determine where the ‘seeds’ of 88, 75, and 91 come from, but I believe the sequence is “(1) multiply two most recently added digits, (2) append the result to the running sequence, (3) repeat” Which would give us the next digits in each sequence as: (1) 8, (2) 5, (3) 64

      1. Yar, I noticed after I posted that you had omitted the ‘0’ of the ’10’ for 2*5, so the next in sequence (and all subsequence numbers in the sequence) for (2) is ‘0’. Whoops.

  2. Dude! You were not near death. When you are dying, or at least “really sick” you don’t think those things…….. you don’t think anything except “OMG, I’m dying”. Or you don’t even remember what you were thinking, or IF you were thinking, or just looking for a place to puke (or poop)….. or laying on the floor hoping not to fall off.

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