Race Results and Andrew Signs Up for a Sprint Triathlon

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 10 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

I ran my first ever race a month and a half ago, the St. Patrick’s Day Dash. Here’s me running the race:

Photo by Al Cruise. ©2010 FotoJack.com

My official stats are:
Bib number: 9885
Overall place: 2844 out of 7892
Division place (Males 22-25): 170 out of 267
Gender place: 1799 out of 3529
Time: 36:241
Pace: 9:35

Not to bad for my first go. I didn’t hit my target of 8 minute miles, but I think part of that was due to the vertical inclination of the race (which I created using this Path Profiler):

Ignore the 4.47 miles, that’s incorrect. It was closer to 3.7 miles.

I had one little rest towards the top of the climb, but other than that I felt really good about my time and I was amazingly consistent given the vertical nature of my climb. I’m pretty sure the path around Green Lake doesn’t vary in altitude by more than 10 feet. Also, my Nike+ needs to be calibrated again…it keeps over estimating my runs by about 20%, which I feel is ridiculous.

After my big race, I took a week off and then ran one day. Then took the next month off, mostly because I was lazy and didn’t have a reason to run (I don’t enjoy running for the sake of running).

I do like competition though, so I signed up for the Benaroya Research Institute Triathlon at Seafair Sprint Triathlon. Am I crazy?! Probably.

It’s a 0.5 miles swim, 12 mile bike ride, and 3.1 mile run. And it takes place on July 18th at 7am in the morning!

I’m not actually entirely sure how I’m going to train for this. I don’t even have a bicycle. I think the good news is that I can swim2.

My plan for now is to pick up running again, which I started yesterday with a run around the long loop of Green Lake, and then intermix bicycle and swim training. Lingering questions include:

  • Can I actually swim 0.5 miles in open water?
  • How do transitions works?
  • How long will this event take me? Early estimates are looking at close to two hours.

There are some training clinics I’m going to be going to, but I wonder if they will be enough for this endeavor. Anyway, expect future updates here. And if you’ve ever done something like this, I am now taking any and all suggestions.

  1. Average time: 40:48 

  2. Back in the Day™ (circa 1995), I used to be on swim team. Most recently, I did a swim class in college, but that was four years ago (What?! How could that be four years ago?)  

5 thoughts on “Race Results and Andrew Signs Up for a Sprint Triathlon”

  1. WAY cool! I’m going to start doing tris after I’m done with school. My ex-roommate used to do olympic distance, 3 or 4 per summer, and was pretty competitive. The closest I’ve come is a half-ironman… duathlon… as a relay. Which means really that I only had to bike 56 miles and my partner had to run a half marathon. Transitions, you probably have been told by someone else by this time, should be practiced ahead of time, because you can really lose precious minutes by not having a smooth system. You’ll probably check your bike when you get there, and get a number for it. People sometimes clip their shoes into their pedals so that they can run from the water to the bike and jump straight on it without worrying about pulling on socks and shoes over wet feet. If I were doing a first one, I wouldn’t worry so much, I don’t think… I’d use shoes for the bike that I could also run in, would probably leave the laces loose next to the bike so I can slip them on easily, and then tighten the laces prior to starting the run. I’d try to swim in something I could comfortably bike and run in (they sell tri shorts, which are essentially bike shorts with a thinner chamois so that you aren’t wearing a spandex diaper when you exit the water).

    I’m going to stop, because I haven’t ever actually done one. Just thought about it a lot. Last summer I tried to convince myself to do open water swims in Lake WA… couldn’t bring myself to it. Good luck!

  2. Keep me posted about your workout plans. I’m in Yakima from June 20-Aug 8 for my last quarter of clinical, but coming back to Seattle most weekends to work on thesis (and staying with nursing friends with quick access to Greenlake). Def. would like to swim/bike/run if opportunity presents. Just did a 10-miler in DC, but, as usually happens after I finish one race and have no other training planned, have slacked on workouts for the last two weeks.

    PS-Keep your eyes peeled for info about the annual Green Lake 1/2 mile or mile swim… I think it’s in late June or early July. I watched my roommate do it two years ago; looks like good training for a first tri open-water swim.

    1. My goal is to document my process on this here blog, so just keep your dial where it is and you should hopefully get all the blow-by-blow details.

      I took a look at the Green Lake OWS and put it on my calendar; I think it would be a good event to test the waters with.

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