Making Progress

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 11 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

I’ve finished with round one of my Spring 2010 Portfolio Project. I’ve gone through all my photos from last year and whittled them down to this first pass. Yes, there are many photo here that I will be excluding from my portfolio, but I had to start somewhere and these 133 photos are where I’m starting.

Please feel free to comment or through in other suggestions. Nothing from this year is included on purpose. I generally like to let photos simmer for at least six months before I do anything with them.

I think James put it best, my goal should be to “really redefine the image or genre.

DSC_7307DSC_7315DSC_7365DSC_7367DSC_0032DSC_7388DSC_7462DSC_7467DSC_0203DSC_0407DSC_0527DSC_0595DSC_8278DSC_8513DSC_8522DSC_8531DSC_8540DSC_8544DSC_8548DSC_8549DSC_8573DSC_8856DSC_8926DSC_8952DSC_8962DSC_9041DSC_9044DSC_9064DSC_9074DSC_9078DSC_9116DSC_9117DSC_9135DSC_9166DSC_9169DSC_9170DSC_9184DSC_9243DSC_9459DSC_9460DSC_9482DSC_9548DSC_9568DSC_9578DSC_9582DSC_9610DSC_9749DSC_9774DSC_9867DSC_9960DSC_9965DSC_0025DSC_0045DSC_0050DSC_0120DSC_0196DSC_0201DSC_0202DSC_0241DSC_0256DSC_0262DSC_0370DSC_0469DSC_0475DSC_0593DSC_0604DSC_0614DSC_0674DSC_0716DSC_0733DSC_0965DSC_0979DSC_0989DSC_1017DSC_1031DSC_1063DSC_1068DSC_1246DSC_1284DSC_1285DSC_1287DSC_1292DSC_1300DSC_1301DSC_1304DSC_1305DSC_1371DSC_1437DSC_1470DSC_1539DSC_1587DSC_1676DSC_1691DSC_1699DSC_1782DSC_1788DSC_1804DSC_1805DSC_1840DSC_1859DSC_1909DSC_1947DSC_1969DSC_2289DSC_2298DSC_2302DSC_2345DSC_2372DSC_2447DSC_2454DSC_2583DSC_2589DSC_2638DSC_2710Sunset at ZentralfriedhofDSC_2893DSC_2901DSC_2925DSC_2929DSC_3000DSC_3055DSC_3113DSC_3260DSC_3278DSC_3296DSC_3343DSC_3345DSC_3392DSC_3439DSC_3447DSC_3480DSC_3534DSC_4501


3 thoughts on “Making Progress”

  1. Here are my thoughts:

    This is the first one on the initial pass that I clicked on just based on the thumbnail. Though much of the lighting seems a little flat, it works with the extremely vibrant colors of the guardsmen. Add the intense look the fellow on the right is giving, just makes this image stand out

    I really like the rather pure expression of form in this one, lots of angles keeps my eye bouncing around the image.

    Very unique,with a lot of elements that seem to go together (laptop, shirt design, wide eyed) The background feels a little dominant but the image works very well.

    You have a lot of top notch work here Andrew, and a widely varied set. I can foresee a lot of difficulty in the final sequencing. Additionally, though I love your coverage of events and travels, I feel that no matter how great they are, there isn’t a single image that simply and succinctly describes the scene without the context of being presented in a series. Believe me, I understand the challenge of representing something like E-Days with one image.

    Keep up the good work and hopefully I haven’t been too brutal.

  2. Not a comment on the portfolio… but when did you change your banner photo? And where is that wheat field? Wheat fields are permanent magnets for me.

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