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The times they are a-changin’.

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  • Found some Super DLT tapes next to the trash. What should I do with them? #
  • Droid + Amazon app makes it far too easy to buy books: just scan the barcode, pay, and wait for it to arrive. Wish I had this in college #fb #
  • @moniguzman I believe the Petronas Towers and Eiffel Tower both came in underbudget as well in reply to moniguzman #
  • After six years of holding out, I'm finally caving in. Watching Lost: Season 1, Episode 1. You're welcome. #lost #fb #
  • On a scale of 1 to Stressed…I'm stressed. #welcometotherealworld #fb #
  • @k_hack wait for the 4g in reply to k_hack #
  • This is awesome! Meeting up with fellow @CSMAA for EDays 'Round the World. *sniff* First EDays I'm away from home *sniff* #fb #
  • good evening of #climbing with @CavaB33 and steph at @VWclimbing #

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