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The times they are a-changin’.

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  • I has DROID! #fb #
  • is having chicken curry for lunch, yes! #fb #
  • I can SSH from my Droid. Now that is cool! #fb #
  • @iansltx ConnectBot, it's free too in reply to iansltx #
  • I get to go on a field trip on Thursday! #fb #
  • thinking about signing up for a 5K race…thoughts? I've never raced that distance before (I did 330m hurdles in HS for one year) #fb #
  • Registered for my first race ever. St Pattys 5K dash. Should be good, I hope. #fb #
  • I asked a question and got it answered at the BDS All Employees Quarterly Webcast, starts at 1:15:38. Awesome! #
  • Training Day 1: go running/walking at 5 #fb #
  • set a goal to workout 12 times in 4 weeks #
  • ran 3.42 mi on 2/11/2010 at 5:08 PM with a pace of 10'05"/mi #
  • The conversations I have at work…"I may call you C4PO, Pookie, Wilma Flintstone or My Precious, but never Buttercup." #
  • @amandawalton Remember that one time you made jell-o shots? Yea, me neither. in reply to amandawalton #
  • Just realized: today is my 6 month anniversary of starting full time at Boeing #fb #

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