No School, Really

If I was still in college, I would have started school several weeks ago.

If was still in high school, middle school, or elementary school, I would have started today1.

As I watch the Facebook status updates and chat with my friends who are back to the books, I keep thinking how I’m not as excited as I thought I would be about not being in school.

No, I’m actually rather anxious about not being in school. I keep thinking that there must somewhere that I need to be – something that I need to be doing. At times, I feel like I’m wondering around in circles.

I guess it all makes sense though; school is really all I ever known. And as the days get shorter, and I become more and more confused about why I’m not in school right now, I hope that it will sink in that I really am done with school. Hopefully.

  1. Seattle Public Schools start today, which is also the starting date for many private schools as well 

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