A Note on Posting Order for My Trip

A quick note on the order of posts for my trip: they are not guaranteed to be in order and are almost definitely not guaranteed to be posted on the day they happened. To find out which day a particular post is referring to, look at the second line of each post…there will be a date, such as: 15 June 2009. That’s the date the events occurred on.

To find out where I am right this instant, visit the blog (if you’re an RSS/email reader) and look for the Dopplr box, or just visit my Dopplr Profile.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave a comment (preferred) or shoot me an email (not preferred).

Thanks. -MGMT

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  1. hi…I just came across an interview where you mentioned being part of Buddy and the Returnables…I remember you guys, you used to play at the Blind Pig. In fact, yu played for my 22nd birthday. Just thought I’d say “hi!”

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