Funny Spam

I laughed1 a bit at this piece of spam that managed to slip through:

Subject: Life is too short to have a shitty watch

If you buy a Submariner SS watch, it will be the best purchase in your life

That’s the entire message. No link either. I guess they want me to Google it. For what it’s worth, I have a Casio Waveceptor watch that’s battery backed solar powered. It receives and synchronizes to the NIST time signal nightly, thus ensuring that anytime I’m late for an appointment it’s actually my fault.

  1. hopefully because it was actually funny, and not because I’ve been up all night and now I’m losing it 

One Reply to “Funny Spam”

  1. My Timex ironman I’m-pretty-sure-it’s-a-Triathlon bows before your almighty time piece. Finally decided to get it within a half-second of official gov’t time a few minutes ago. Say

    Then again, I don’t worry about what happens to my watch, and it keeps time well 🙂 Not timing space flight re-entry with it so I think it’s all good.

    Still, crafty little spam there. Wonder if their Folex…er…Submariner is any good?

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