How to Give a 30 Day Notice

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With only 8 days of school left and less than 20 days until I graduate, I figure now is probably a good time to send in my 30 day notice to vacate to my landlord. Unfortunately, I had no idea what to write. However, thanks to the power of the Internet, I was able to find a really good example on Associated Content, Tips on Writing a Move Out Notice to Your Landlord. So, letter is now written and I’ll drop it off on Monday. In the meantime, I thought I’d share the notice in an attempt to a) help other people, and b) remember what I did for next time.

April 20, 2009

ABC Property Management
123 Washington Ave.
Golden, Colorado

Dear Sir or Madam,

According to the terms of my lease requiring a 30 day notice, you are herby advised of my intent to vacate the rental property at 112½ Beacon Street, Golden, Colorado, 80401 on or before May 31st, 2009. I will be cleaning the apartment as to leave it in a good condition. Please send me any specific move-out cleaning instructions if you have any. I will remove my personal belongings and turn in my keys on or before May 31st, 2009.

I would appreciate the return of my security deposit within thirty (30) days after I have vacated my apartment. The forwarding address for the return of my security deposit is:

Andrew Ferguson
1060 West Addison Street,
Chicago, Illinois1

If you have any questions, please contact me at 206-569-4410.

Thank you for your courtesy and services during the period of my lease.


Andrew Ferguson
112½ Beacon Street

You can also download the 30 day notice as a Word document.

  1. Note: I’m not moving to Illinois. I’ll actually be back in Seattle, as promised. This is just an example address. 

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  1. I actually googled the 1060 one because I was pretty sure you’re landlord wasn’t in Chicago and figured you were up to something… should have known about the second one then.

  2. Thanks for the example of the notice, finally one that was quick to the point. You made my life a little easier today, and for that I am grateful.


  3. Thanks so much this was great help! Finally someone who didn’t require me to pay for a freaking template to copy and paste!

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