Updated Itinerary

Progess is being made! I’m calling this Itinerary v0.2. It appears that the only country that will need a visa is Russia. Thus, I’m going to going to start my travels there since it will have to be the most planned part of this trip. I talked with Jeff last night, as he had traveled to Russia several years ago, and got some good information on places to go. I’m hoping to have trip start and end dates locked down and reserved by the end of March, along with all the Russian parts locked down and reserved. 

I also talked with Quinn and Charlie, both of whom have indicated they would at least be interested in doing some traveling with me as well. I have calls in to Katelyn and Erin, both of whom have been and are currently in Turkey, respecitvely.

Below is a list of places that I think I would like to visit, in roughtly the order that I would visit them. I’ve also added notes (mostly to myself) about things I’d like to do there. I think this seems like a more managable list than previously. I’m also trying to setup a framework of things to do, however still allow the trip to progress organically.


  • Sweden ((787 Production Stop: Saab))
  • Denmark->Seattle (UA9394)
  • Romania
  • Macedonia

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  1. I saw your post about Hungary, and it reminded me of a place I think you should visit. I’ve personally never been, but I’m hoping to swing by on my way to KSA.

    In Poland, there’s a cathedral carved from a salt mine in Wieliczka. It’s supposed to be just incredible.


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