The Finer Points of Configuring Your Airport Express and Error 10057

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I was recently having an issue with my Airport Express. I was trying to set it up so that I could play music through it. I got it to join my network, but I couldn’t connect to it in iTunes. When I went to go reconfigure it, I found that I also couldn’t connect to it…even though I could see it. I kept getting an error message:

An error occured while trying to access the Apple wireless device. Make sure your network connection is valid and try again. Error 10057

The problem turned out to be a subtle configuration setting with my WiFi. My network is set for WPA with TKIP encryption. However, it appears that Airport Express doesn’t really like to play well with TKIP. Switching the encryption to WPA with TKIP and AES (also called TKIP+AES) fixed the issues. Presumably, setting the network encryption to WPA with AES would also work.

I tried confirming my findings, however I wasn’t able to find anything in the manual or tech specs.

Hopefully, this post helps someone else with a similar problem.


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  1. I actually noticed the same thing with the Airport Express we have. Set it up to act as a print server for one of my roommate’s USB printer. Had a heck of a time trying to get it to join our network with WPA/TKIP.

    Sure enough WPA/TKIP+AES on the router worked fine.

  2. AES is much more secure than TKIP anyway… I always select exclusively WPA2 & AES when setting up 802.11 networks 😀

    Now that my xbox 360 is behind a wireless bridge, I don’t have to support the less secure stuff anymore ^_^

    (Yes, I’m totally calling out MicroSoft on their false advertising. )

  3. This post saved my life. I’ve been struggling with my Airport Express for about the last 4 hours. I got it to play music, but it was skippy as it would only connect to my wireless bridge/extender (dd-wrt WRT160N). It wouldn’t connect to my main wireless router (a Comcast netgear crapbox) for unknown reasons. Connecting to bridge “worked”, but there were so many hops going through so much drywall that it would skip every 45 or seconds.

    I just moved my network over to TKIP+AES from TKIP and the Airport Express connected to the main router without issue. I’ve been listening skip free for 15 minutes. My life is complete… for now.

  4. Thanks, I got it working now! I was struggling with this already for a longer time and too bad that Apple is not giving a decent information on this. You can find quite some discussions on their support pages with users reporting the same issue.

  5. Thanks Andrew this got it working I did some experimentation and for those still using WEP the airport express doesnt like that either

  6. Oh heavens! I’ve been wrestling with my AE for days now. I even took it back for an Apple Genius to test. It was working fine under WEP+WDS on my linksys until I decided I didn’t need WDS and opted to upgrade the encryption to WPA. Thanks for the post!

  7. Thanks, this was exactly the problem I was having and the solution worked perfectly! Gotta love The Google for helping me find this since Apple wasn’t much help.

  8. Andrew,
    You are pure genius. That fixed it for me too!
    3 days of troubleshooting, on the phone with NetGear, Apple, and countless searches and scanning forum posts….All to no avail.
    And then I stumble across your solution and voila…now music fills our house and patio!
    Don’t you think this would be prominently displayed on the Apple support site??
    Anywho…thank you!

  9. Hi guys – thanks for this. However I’m still having problems. When I set the Dlink615 to TKIP only – the airport express connects successfully to the Dlink, however it does not show up in my iTunes airtunes list + my Airport Utility can’t see it either.

    When I set the Dlink to TKIP/AES – the airport express can’t connect and the status light goes to amber.

    If any one has any ideas I would be very grateful! My set up is – Airport Extreme (main router upstairs) connected to the Dlink (kitchen) via ethernet cable. I am trying to get my airport express to connect to the Dlink in the kitchen…


  10. So I did two things, although to even thing took a lot of proving (I have the older b/g model AEx on a TP Link 8960 adn it just stopped, then I couldn’t get past the 10057 error) so I got out an old b/g router setup a wireless network on it and the AEx worked perfectly!. so did your change on the TP Link router, plus gave the AEx a static IP, now it works perfectly!!! so for anyone else, suggest you try one or other or both of these suggestions. (I’m still wondering if the b/g/n AEx would have the same issue, but since I got the old one going, not need to spend the money to find out?.).

  11. thanks for posting this.

    I have a sweet newer asus n router running ddwrt and i kept getting an error when trying to connect itunes to the airport express. (reset and reconfigured about ten times) default wireless security was wpa2 + tkip. i switched it to plain wpa personal + tkip+aes and it started working immediately. thanks for the tip

  12. I was also having trouble with getting an Airport Express to stream music from my Sapido RB1602 in access point mode. I’ve just switched the router to TKIP+AES on WPA personal, with AES on WPA2 (stupid router won’t let you run WPA personal with TKIP unless you run mixed WPA2) and it’s working, but let’s see for how long. Next I’ll try AES only, on just WPA personal — I read elsewhere that using both WPA and WPA2 with some routers can make for an unstable Airport Express connection.

  13. I got a link to your page out from a Microsoft Rep on their Windows forums. Apple Discussion boards are covered in people having trouble getting their Airport Expresses to work, especially with Windows 7/8, while iOS devices are indifferent. Lots of comments on Bonjour re-installations, IPv6 disabling, and more, but you figured out it was the WiFi security, and it fixed it immediately for me.

    I had my network set with WPA2/AES, so at first I didn’t think this would fix anything, but I went ahead and changed to WPA1/2 & TKIP/AES for widest compatibility, and it’s worked great.


  14. Just a quick note to say thanks for taking the time to document this. I spent a good five hours trying to work this out without success and luckily, stumbled upon this! Rang Telstra to get my modem password etc. logged in and changed it.. bam.. problem solved! You are a champion.

  15. Forgive me, but how do you change the encryption on a network? I have Windows Technical Preview build 1960, and some help would be nice. This error is driving me insane!

  16. Thanks for this.

    I’m using an old AirPort Extreme as a wireless bridge for a printer. I have it connected wirelessly to an SSID using AES. However, I have another SSID with RADIUS using TKIP that I set up after I set up the AirPort as a bridge. After a recent power outage I could no longer print or connect to the AirPort. I disabled the RADIUS SSID that was using TKIP and it started working again.

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