What To Talk About?

The times they are a-changin’.

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On February 18th at 6pm, Ignite Boulder will be holding their third night of presentations. The idea is simple, I have 20 slides that automatically advance after 15 seconds and I can use them to talk about whatever I want.


So, if you could hear me talk for just five short minutes, what would you like me to talk about? The topic can either be funny or serious. The current leading ideas, that other people are presenting on so I can’t do but am including them so you have an idea of what the types of topics could be, include:

I have currently made my stand with “Installing WordPress“, which will cover how to install WordPress 2.7, including setting up your mySQL database, how to download and install plugins and themes. I’m currently ranked 20th and only the top six vote getters will present. But, with your help, I think I can do better!

So, what what you like to hear me talk about?


11 thoughts on “What To Talk About?”

  1. I should have made that a bit clearer: the topics I listed (Mustache, pissing people off, awkward rules, etc.) are ones that are being presented by other people and I can’t do.

    My current idea is to talk about installing WordPress, but I’m looking for other suggestions.

  2. well, i would prefer something fun to wordpress. and things like zombies or “funny” stuff usually come out contrived.

    i think you should talk for five minutes about relating to women/techie dating awkwardness.

    i would totally listen to you implore to an audience what you ought to do and how you feel about dating for five minutes. pure gold.

  3. Those five are going to be tough to beat, especially Proper Usage of the Carlin 7. But I think you can win with…

    How Any Man Can Pick Up Beautiful Women.

    It’s interesting to women and gay men simply from a psychological standpoint, and it’s interesting to straight men from, well, every standpoint. You go out and read a book like “The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed” or “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists” (or both), you boil ’em down to 20 slides, and you change some lives. It’s a shoe-in to win.

  4. I wasn’t kidding. But maybe you could tweak the idea a bit to make it work more for you: read the books and see if they actually work, then present about the efficacy of the teachings of notable Pickup Artists.

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