Why I Started Blogging, What It Means To Me, and Why It’s Important

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 12 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

I wrote this a couple months ago for a scholarship for bloggers (which I didn’t win). I thought it was a good piece, so I saved it, and now I’m posting it:

There really wasn’t a day where I just sat down and started blogging. I’ve had a website in one form or another for over a decade now. It started as place to share my interests and slowly began as a place where I posted my thoughts. When I left home for college in 2004, I decided that I’d use my established platform as a way to disseminate updates about myself to friends and family or anyone else who cared to read. Over the years, I’ve used my blog to pose philosophical questions, rant about the current state of politics, relate cleaver solutions to programing problems I encountered in class, and (of course) ramble on about life in college. Now, I see my blog as a historic record of a great time in my life. I see my blog as a sort of time capsule, recording my thoughts, options, and questions for all to see. I look forward to the day (many, many years in the future) when my grandchildren can read about about my life and all the fun the fun their old fart grandpa had “back in the day.”


2 thoughts on “Why I Started Blogging, What It Means To Me, and Why It’s Important”

  1. Good piece. I always kind of wonder why people blog. I’m not sure I know now, but it’s a good piece.

    As a side note, I’m guessing the reason you didn’t get the grant is because of your “cleaver solutions”, which I think might have read better as “clever solutions”.

  2. How true! I can imagine your grandkids one day “reading” some old-school, back-in-the-day blog! That’s very cool! I never even thought how a blog could be used that way! What a gift to your descendants! Now… you need to start adding more video for them to see you before you get old!

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