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  1. I get the same feeling in the back of my right hand. It’s here and then a few hours later its gone. Its actually “on” right now. Has almost a cold feeling at times. The closest thing it reminds me of is when I went into surgery over a decade ago. The numbness is similar to what my body started to feel right as the anesthesia started to hit.

    No luck with traditional doctors. Since I work on a compuer 90 percent of the time I heard everything from carpal tunnel to arthritis. The best answer/remedy I’ve gotten was from a chiropractor who could directly place the pain to a pinched nerve in my back that fed directly into the radial nerve in the back of my hand.

    I guess since my hand hurts now I ought to schedule an adjustment and massage soon eh? Anyways – hope that helps you find some relief 🙂 PHV

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