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The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 12 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

The semesterly call for art submissions is here again. This is also usually the time I try and induct photos into my portfolio. This time, however, I’d like to get your input on what you think is my best work.

I’ve already started a list of potential inductions that you can look at. What photos should I add to this list? What photos should I remove?

Please be brutally honest, I’m trying to find just a handful of photos I can consider my best work from the last eight months (up to August 8th, inclusive).

Here’s a list of photos I’ve published over the last 8 months:

A photo can be qualified or disqualified for any reason, including the mere fact that you like it or dislike it; although I would prefer that you be more technical in your reasoning (out of focus, not framed well, light is crap, great artistic compilation, etc).

Part of the reason for doing this is get an outside perspective on my work and to help make me a better photographer. Sure, I have my favorites, but it’s incredibly hard for me to see the forest for the trees, as it were. I believe that getting outside/independent input is a necessary part of improvement in anything.

Also, if you happen to know of or come across a photo that’s older than 8 months that you think should be nominated, throw it in too. The deadline is going to be this coming Saturday (9/20), which doesn’t give you a lot of time. However, I need to make my final selections Sunday so I can submit them on Monday.

Finally, I’m going to try and come up with some prizes for people. Probably a matted and signed picture of something newly added to my portfolio. I haven’t decided how I’m going to pick winners yet (random, best qualification, best disqualification, who knows?), but you can’t win if you don’t play.

Thanks for helping out!


3 thoughts on “Help Me Pick Photos”

  1. I would include DSC_1450 because it’s a cool composition and very evocative. I know it’s already in there, but 2604 is one of my favorite pictures of yours. I would disqualify 2819 because the lighting isn’t very good and if it wasn’t in the context of the other pictures I wouldn’t know what’s going on.

    Now where’s my signed, matted photo?

  2. The ones I recommend for inclusion:

    DSC_3081 – April – Paul Johnson, mr. Big Digger. Great composition. The distortion reall makes you spend more time on the image. The lighting works well, bring out the details of the face without blowing things out.

    DSC_3616 – Blue sky silhouette- Strong graphic image, balance of negative space really seems to work. I do wish the lens flare was larger and more dramatic

    The ones that I Think are close.

    DSC_4141 – This one is very close. The lighting is gorgeous.The intimacy of the eyes really draw you in, but then the highly contrasting lines of what going on with the hands and knees just become too distracting.

    DSC_2604 – Norm Z and Al L. Really great moment. I just wish that water battle wasn’t there. It’s the hightest point of contrast and even though it is out of focus, it’s just destracting

    So that’s what I think. The rest I feel like have been done before, though maybe not better, but still not at the point where you really redefine the image or genre.

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