Obama Coming to Colorado School of Mines

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 12 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

I shit you not, the Barack Obama will be giving a speech at the Colorado School of Mines (yes, my Colorado School of Mines) THIS Tuesday at 9:30am.

From my.barackobama.com:

Colorado School of Mines
Lockridge Arena
1651 Elm St.
Golden, CO
Doors Open: 7:00am MDT
Program Begins: 9:30am MDT

This is pretty cool and I’m going to try and attend, but I have to ask: How is our school going to conduct classes with all the security that Obama now has? Also, why hasn’t the school sent out an email about this?

Hat tip to Tim Weilert for posting a note on Facebook pointing this out.


5 thoughts on “Obama Coming to Colorado School of Mines”

  1. I can’t believe it either! I am a student at CSM and it is Sunday and no bulletin. I heard he was coming through a couple of friends. And I hope that we don’t have class. I know that I will skip to try to see him.

  2. Hey Andrew, thanks for the ‘hat tip.’ I’m still excited about the whole thing, just like everybody else on campus. There have been a couple of updates since yesterday: Tickets at the community locations went, and they went quick (I was in Arvada trying to score some for my friends). However, there may be a few still available for students, inquire at the Student Activities Office on Monday, I think they’re doing some sort of raffle. Also, be ready to walk/bike/unicycle/hang-glide to campus on Tuesday, parking will be scarce. Obama’s got another event scheduled in Pueblo at 11am, so chances are he’ll be done at Mines by 10am at the latest. Finally, be sure to pick up the upcoming copies of The Oredigger, I believe we’re covering the event.

  3. I hate it that PR wise, mines still lacking behind its peers. All i can say is good for mines; wish i was near by to attend. should be awsome!

  4. @Tim Weilert:

    I lazily tried to get tickets as well on Sunday… obviously to no avail. I put my name in the hat for raffle that Student Activities is doing, so we’ll see how that goes.

    However, I’m still rather frustrated with the way the higher-ups managed this whole thing. Tomorrow morning is going to be c-r-a-z-y.

    Also, according to Obama’s schedule, he’ll be in Pueblo today, not tomorrow. Making tomorrows stop at CSM the only official one for him.

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