What You Leave Behind

The times they are a-changin’.

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It’s taken about seven months to get here, but 7,920 minutes later, I’ve finished watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. It’s kind of bitter sweet, really. DS9 was a great series. But I must press on.

Latest Details of The Star Trek Project:
Minutes Seen: 21370
Minutes Left: 11976
Episodes Seen: 466
Episodes Left: 271
% Complete: 64.09%
% Left: 35.91%

I’ll be starting Star Trek: Voyager, which I hope to finish sometime early next semester. Then it’s on to Star Trek: Enterprise which I hope to complete before I’m done with school. Finally, Star Trek comes out on May 8th, which is the day I graduate. Coincidence? I think not. I’m planning on going to the midnight showing of that to complete my Tour de Force.


4 thoughts on “What You Leave Behind”

  1. This is an amazing endeavor. What were your favorite episodes/story arcs (for all of the series)? It would be nice to have a summation of your thoughts after you finish each series. Voyager, like TNG, only really gets good after the first few seasons.

  2. So I’ve caught the Star Trek bug… and I’m nowhere near your % completion… so far I’ve seen casual glimpses of DS9, cursory glances of the original, and the first full season of Voyager.

    Now I’m working on aquiring disks 2-* of Voyager… a mighty task indeed.

  3. I just finished watching DS9 myself – the end of the seventh season draws everything to a close neatly, definitely not maintaining the status quo and changing the rules until the very end. What You Leave Behind is most definitely my favorite series finale (with Voy and Ent in second and third spots respectively).

    I really respect what the writers were able to do with tremendous story arcs and character development in DS9, but I think in order to see it for what it really is, you must watch the DVD set rather than trying to catch the show episode for episode on TV…

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