But Wait! There’s More!

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 12 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

When we last left our hero, he was recovering from what was purported to be a case of pertussis followed by an ear infection. If you thought story ended here, you would be wrong.

The Health Center wanted me to come back in today or tomorrow so that they could make sure my lungs were clearing up and that my ear infections were on their way to recovery.

We ended up getting out of class a bit early today, so I went over to the Health Center to get checked out. Well, my lungs ended up sounding worse, the nurse practitioner even left me listen to them.

It was time for a chest X-ray.

I was sent over the ImmediaCare Urgent Care Clinic where they listened to me breath some more and then took pictures of my chest. Another doctor (well, he was actually an EMT) came in and also listened to my breathing. There was some chatter in the hallway and then they determined through some sort of scientific means that I had Pneumonia.

They put me on a nebulizer for about twenty minutes and then discharged me with three (!) short-term (i.e. 10 day) prescriptions. So I’ll be enjoying Avelox, Prednisone, and ProAir HFA.

So, with a confirmed diagnosis, I really should be getting better now.

Also, next time I get sick, I’ll be taking bets on what the final diagnosis is.

Image source: MedVarsity: Chest X Ray AP&lateral views showing pneumonic consolidation in Rt Lower lobe. So no, not the actual picture of my lungs.


3 thoughts on “But Wait! There’s More!”

  1. Pneumonia!?!?!?! That’s for, like, old people!

    Once again, I hope you feel better!

    Is the x-ray your’s? I love x-rays, they’re so fun to look at… Had one taken of my chest a month or two ago because I thought I had injured my rib, rib’s fine but my spine isn’t straight!

  2. Yes, I’m not entirely sure how I got it. I am feeling better though, so I think all the drugs are working.

    The X-ray is not mine (per the note in the post), however I believe it is similar to what mine would have looked like (pneumonic consolidation in right lower lobe).

    How not-straight is your spine?

  3. Apparently I have poor reading comprehension. I missed the image credit.

    My spine is pretty not straight. Apparently as a kid they thought I might have scoliosis and I had to get x-rays and gait observation all the time. But the curving stopped getting worse so it wasn’t anything serious. But you can see a very distinct curve on the x-ray in my upper back. As a result my shoulders aren’t level.

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