CSM Wellness Day

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 11 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

It’s been three years since I went the CSM Wellness Day events and been checked out. I figure this would be a good year to see how my health is doing:

  • 15.6% Body Fat – This is ideal for my age, gender, and weight
  • 4.54 Liters Forced Expiratory Volume (amount of air exhaled in the first one second) – 104% of predicted
  • 5.73 Liters Forced Vital Capacity (lung capacity) – 113% of predicted
  • Ratio of FEV1/FVC – 74% of predicted (this means I have trouble getting air out of my lungs)
  • Fusional Ranges:
    • 21.12 BI Break (Normal: >= 10 diopters) – Pass
    • 12.86 BI Recovery (Normal: >= 6 diopters) – Pass
    • 40.41 BO Limit Without Break (Normal: >= 20 diopters) – Pass
    • 40.41 BO Recovery (Normal: >= 16 diopters) – Pass
  • Accommodative Facility
    • Right Correct: 100.00% (Normal: >= 80%) – Pass
    • Left Correct: 100.00% (Normal: >= 80%) – Pass
    • Average Cycles/Minute: 30.17 (Normal: 12 Cycles/Minute) – Pass

I also have really, really flat feet. The flattest feet of the day so far with almost no arching. I have some basic arch support insoles for my shoes, but I may need to get some real, custom fitted ones.

I didn’t get my blood pressure checked this year, but every time I do I’ve always been told it’s excellent.

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