The Gamble Wedding

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 16 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

Jesse and Kendal were married just over about two and half weeks ago. It was an awesome wedding with many memories. For those that missed it, there is a DVD of it that Kendall Snow Gamble now has. It’s pretty good if you ask me, but I may be biased.

The best way I think to document this wedding is through photos because, let’s face it, I love to be lazy when it comes to writing and picture books are always fun. And as it turns out, I made it into 2.63% of the photos taken at wedding/reception.

Here are the random pictures that just happen to include me in them:
gimg_1458.jpg gimg_1433.jpg gimg_1430.jpg
gimg_6366.jpg gimg_6408.jpg

Then there are a couple of me in the walkway with Peter Walchenbach and company:
gimg_6353.jpg gimg_6352.jpg

Next, we have two pictures with the Bride and/not1 Groom:
gimg_1476.jpg gimg_1475.jpg
…you’ll have to forgive the foolish man in the background.

Finally, we have my favorite part. Photos from the Cha Cha Slide. The Cha Cha Slide is one of my favorite dance activities of all time despite the fact that I’ve only done it three times (High School Graduation night three years ago and change, Audrey and Griffin’s wedding a couple months ago, and Kendall and Jesse’s wedding).
gimg_6418.jpg gimg_6417.jpg gimg_6416.jpg gimg_6415.jpg gimg_6414.jpg gimg_6413.jpg gimg_6412.jpg gimg_1461.jpg gimg_6429.jpg gimg_6428.jpg gimg_6427.jpg gimg_6426.jpg gimg_6424.jpg gimg_6423.jpg gimg_6422.jpg gimg_6421.jpg gimg_6420.jpg gimg_6419.jpg gimg_1462.jpg

I think the last photo is pretty rockin’. There are actually a bunch more photos online (1066 to be precise) that you can get access to if you know the super secret password. If you don’t know it, I will refer you to Kendall or Jesse for access.

By the way, why the frick are wedding photos so expensive to buy? A 4×5 proof costs $11! Didn’t the photographer already get paid for his or time? When I get married, I’m going to require that the photographer release all the photos of wedding under Creative Commons.

There’s also this video which really makes no sense out of context in which is was recorded and the people it includes, but I needed a place to put it, so here it is:

Note: The photographs used in this post are Copyright © 2007 by Simply Photography.

  1. And/Not: I’ve been using this term for some time, although I don’t think anyone else uses it. Example: I’m going to have lunch with Alice and/not Bob. This would be equivalent to: I’m going to have lunch with Alice or Alice and Bob but not Bob without Alice.