10 Years: Where You When Princess Diana Died?

As I was driving into school this morning, NPR alerted me to fact that today is the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death.

For whatever odd reason, I remember where I was. Our family was in Canon Beach, Oregon and we were heading to the Ramey’s and had just arrived. Dad had a pager that received news alerts and such. I remember that I didn’t believe Dad at first. I’m not sure why I didn’t. And that’s how I found out.

Who else remembers where they were when Princess Diana died?

How Mortality May Guide Political Choices

From www.tnr.com:

they [psychologists Sheldon Solomon, Jeff Greenberg, and Tom Pyszczynsk] assembled 22 Tucson municipal court judges. They told the judges they wanted to test the relationship between personality traits and bail decisions, but, for one group, they inserted in the middle of the personality questionnaire two exercises meant to evoke awareness of their mortality. One asked the judges to “briefly describe the emotions that the thought of your own death arouses in you”; the other required them to “jot down, as specifically as you can, what you think will happen to you physically as you die and once you are physically dead.” They then asked the judges to set bail in the hypothetical case of a prostitute whom the prosecutor claimed was a flight risk. The judges who did the mortality exercises set an average bail of $455. The control group that did not do the exercises set it at an average of $50. The psychologists knew they were onto something.

The rest is a very interesting read. There’s a book I started reading, “False Alarm: The Truth About the Epidemic of Fear” by Marc Siegel, MD, that talks about how fear overrides many of our rational judgments. I think I’ll have to go back and read the entire thing now.

via BoingBoing

News From Around the Blogosphere

Some cool stuff that happened today that I want to be sure everyone knows about:

Halo 3 has gone gold. Read the announcement over at Bungie.net. Here’s the pull quote (emphasis mine):
From blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com:

“We have to say thanks to everyone at Microsoft who helped us make it the best game we ever made. We have to say thanks to our tireless team of artists, designers, engineers, musicians, technicians, writers, directors, producers, thinkers, administrators, ninjas, specialists, gorillas, webmasters and pimps.”

Also, BetaNews says: New iPods Expected September 5. “It is largely expected the iPods will incorporate a touch-sensitive screen and “Cover Flow” user interface found on the iPhone.”

Jason and Amy’s Wedding

Jason and Amy’s wedding was the last wedding I was on the hook for filming for this summer and I had a pretty good system down by now. In terms of circle-of-friends, it was very similar to the Gamble Wedding. Interestingly enough, I only made it into about 1.13% of the photos this time (that’s about 6 photos from what I can tell). However, I would say that the quality of the photos that I am in easily makeup for the lack of ones that I am not in:
My bad-ass pose?

Part of the Gang: Andrew Ferguson, Peter Walchenbach, Jeff Staples, Ben Andersen

Standing ready (on the right)

Setting up (standing next to the tripod…bending over)

Interestingly enough, the main photographer of the wedding, Laurence Kim, has a blog and blogged about Jason and Amy’s wedding:

From laurencekimblog.com:

Amy & Jason set a new record for disparity in ring sizes…

Note: Photos in this post are copyright © 2007 by Laurence Kim.

First Cell Phone Spam

I received my first ever piece of cell phone spam the other day. I was rather incredulous about getting it, but one can’t deny the fact that it was sitting there on my cellphone.

The FCC has had a law banning the spamming of cellphones for a little over three years now. The law is supposed to “outlaw all unauthorized text messages to mobile phones and pagers unless the owner has given permission.” [1]

My text was a pump and dump scheme that promised the stock to be an “easy tripler [sic]” and stating that “It’ll be $2 within a week.”

The brevity of the message leads me to believe that the spam was targeted at cellphones. I’m actually surprised that I haven’t received more text spams, considering the small finite set of cellphone numbers there are and the ease at which they can be spam’d. I won’t go into the details, but I could very easily write a 10 line PHP program that could spam all phones in the US.

Hopefully this won’t become a recurring issue…other I might have to break my collapsible bat out1.

[1] http://www.infoworld.com/article/04/08/04/HNbancellphonespam_1.html

1This is actually just a figure of speech. I don’t own a collapsible bat (or a regular bat for that matter, except for the one I have in my bedroom in Seattle). The point being, just please don’t spam my cell phone anymore.

Karl and Bethany’s Wedding

In short, Karl and Bethany’s wedding was pretty kick ass. Why? They had an outside wedding with impeccable weather, they had Alaskan Amber, and they had dancing. Jeff Aitken has the most wicked Michael Jackson moves. He’s really quite amazing. Mark Mohrlang is also quite a great dancer.

Photo courtesy of and copyright by Darren Justus. (I’m working on tracking down some more photos.)

Protected Posts

Every once in a while, I’ll slap a password on a post. Instead of seeing the usual, you’ll get: This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below.

There are a variety of reason that I password protect things. Sometimes it’s sensitive or private data (to me or others), there are times when things just shouldn’t be made public (for whatever reason), it also may be a super secret project that I’m working on.

Eventually, many posts that have had passwords in the past are put out in the open. I won’t make any announcement of it, it will just happen.

Whatever the reason, feel free to email me requesting a password. I may give it to you, I may not.

Photos from Audrey and Griffin’s Wedding

Since I posted photos from the Gamble wedding, I figure I better post photos that I have from the other weddings. Here are some photos from Audrey and Griffin’s wedding, which was all the way back in June.

Yea, you don’t need to tell me the summer went fast. I have first hand experience.

I somehow managed to make it into about 9% of their photos. Here are some of the goods ones:

12_d_s_0096.jpg 78_d_s_0269.jpg 75_d_s_0358.jpg55_d_s_0338.jpg

Not only is this just a completely badass photo, but my sunglasses also had a starring role on Griffin’s head:

Note: Photos in this post are Copyright © 2007 by Everett J. Stout.

Mad at God

I’m mad at God right now. Last night, Duane told us all that Jeff and Carin were at Children’s Hospital and that it appears that Ben Towne probably has cancer.

I feel a sickness in the pit of my stomach and the very first thing I thought of was Jesse. Not again. Why are you doing this again?