Why Can’t They Just Replace It, Like I Asked?

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 17 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

I headed down to to Central Telecom, Inc., literally the only certified Toshiba shop for a couple hundred miles. Plan A worked, kind of. Unbeknownst to me, my warranty had free expedition! Awesome. So I waited the 45 minutes or so it took to process it. Everything sounded fine for while, however, I was wearing my headphones. I took them off and the fan started the rattle again! WTF?! I heard some air blowing when I was CTI, so I’m thinking they decided to just blow it out ’cause the dust must be the problem, there’s no way over two years of almost constant use could have caused a bearing to fail. Can you hear my sarcasm? Good, it should be oozing through your keyboard by now.

So I’m going to call them on Monday, tell that I went in today and that I don’t think they replaced the fan and that I need them to replace it. Then I’ll drive down, again, and wait some more, again.