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The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 13 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

I was at the airport 5 weeks ago. I wanted to write this blog post, but couldn’t get free Internet access. I did happen to run into one of those “Free Public WiFi” scams:


DeadlyBattleRobot writes in with a story from Computerworld about a rather simple scam that has been observed in the wild in several US airports. Bad guys set up a computer-to-computer (ad hoc) network and name it “Free Wi-Fi.” You join it and, if you have file sharing enabled, your computer becomes a zombie. The perp has set up Internet sharing so you actually get the connectivity you expected, and you are none the wiser. Of course no one reading this would fall for such an elementary con.


With no access, I just typed it up in text document and left it on my desktop. It it now Inboxen™ cleaning time:

I’m sitting at Gate B44, waiting for my plane. There’s a gentleman across me writing a letter on a pad of paper. I think about what he’s writing and have a flashback to six and half months ago, on my return from Europe. On my Dulles to Denver flight, I’m sitting next to a woman, mid 30’s maybe. She frantically writing a letter to her lover. I glance over, something about feeling him inside her.

Wow. That’s borderline catching your parents having sex. I can’t tell what the nature of the relationship is, but I can’t help wondering if she writing a letter to a man she’s having an affair with. She writes on and on; three, four, five pages.

By this time, I’ve been awake and traveling close to 20 hours. I’m dog tired and really don’t care that much. I fall asleep.

Why do I always see the strangest things at the airport?


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  2. Free Public Wifi is not a scam, it is a part of Windows Ad-Hoc networking. See

    It seems that our friends in Redmond have (since Jan 06) some strangeness in the wireless network management routines under XP; any WLAN that a Windows machine joins gets 'echoed' back out as an ad-hoc SSID if the machine can't find the previous connection (an implementation of RFC 3927). – From above link.

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