Southwest Airlines Blows

The times they are a-changin’.

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I almost always fly United (insert key notes from Rhapsody in Blue now). I flew out on Southwest because it was comped for me and I’m never one to turn down something free (ok, technically it wasn’t free…but it was free-r). I’ve never flown on Southwest before I, so it was a completely new experience. There’s no first class, in fact, there are no seating assignments at all. There are boarding classes (A, B, and C) and that’s it. A’s board first, then B’s and finally C’s. You can sit wherever you want.

Here’s my gripe. I arrived and got checked through earlier enough where I could have caught the earlier flight to Denver. I went up and asked and they wanted a $121 to catch the earlier flight. A $121!

Apparently, this was due to the fact that I got such a good deal on the flight and the difference would have been the difference between my flight and a “regular” flight.

On United, I can standby for any flight I want on the day I’m flying for free. I just let them know I want to try and catch the flight on standby and they put me on the list. Simple.

My other gripe, who was a heart in their logo?!

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3 thoughts on “Southwest Airlines Blows”

  1. southwest is amazing.
    theyre fares are great.
    sxsw is one of the best music festivals out there
    and they pretty much single handedly deregulated the airline industry.

    it has a heart because it was once known as the love airline.

    it started with three destinations, one being love field.
    also, its original marketing strategy was based on scantily clad, sexy attendants. a male applicant sued southwest for gender discrimination in wilson v . southwest in 1981. he won and established a pretty important precedent in gender discrimination and employment. (its my favorite case of all time in gender law)

  2. They still didn’t let me switch flights when there were obviously plenty of seats. For an airlines that bills themselves as an airlines for business travelers, they’re not doing themselves any favors.

    In any event, United is still cheaper for my routes.

    …and I can switch flights…for free.

  3. really? on southwest, i can oftentimes get a roundtrip to spokane for eighty dollars.
    thats not really close to anything.. with anyone else.

    and i have switched with them before. im sure the guy bought your ticket with miles or a crazy rate that had a lot of restrictions, thats all. and that would be the same with any airline.

    and i just like the wilson/southwest case. not even wikipedia has it….

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