PowerPoint Needs to Die

The times they are a-changin’.

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I was reading gapingvoid today. Hugh’s comic pretty much sums up my thoughts on PowerPoint:


I’m convinced that less then 1% of the population knows how to use PowerPoint. I’ve been sitting through my Introduction to Space Exploration class and I can’t tell you how horrible all (not some, all) of the presentations have been. Yellow text on a black-to-dark-blue background, tons of information on each slide, the presenter reading off the slide, verbatim. Worse yet, the slides aren’t available online! This also isn’t a problem unique to our school, we have presenters from the likes of Lockheed Martin, Ball Aerospace, and guest lecturers on a weekly basis. Every one is plagued by the same problem.


3 thoughts on “PowerPoint Needs to Die”

  1. Sadly, once you get into the real world, you’ll learn it’s not just PowerPoint that people don’t know how to use. If you can create formulas in Excel, apply styles in Word, and do more than email in Outlook, you are better versed in MS Office than 95% of knowledge workers I’ve met. Throw in knowledge of conditional formatting and macros, and you’ll be greeted as some sort of warlock with strange powers beyond those of mere mortals. (Or perhaps a demon, for only a spawn of the netherworld could craft rows in Excel that maintain alternating colors no matter how they are sorted! Watch out for pitchforks. ;-P )

  2. Tell your professor to get a Tablet PC and use Windows Journal as a on-screen outline. Why? Cause it sounds to me that the teacher is using the PowerPoint as nothing but an outline.

    Don’t you hate it when they show the information, read it off to you, and then switch the screen before you can even write it down????

    I started using the audio recorder on my OneNote to record what he was saying. Then I play it back after class and take notes. Fortunately though he publishes his PowerPoints to a website.

    I think the only reason a teacher should actually use the PowerPoint is when they are giving Visual Aids for the class. Example: A history teacher is covering the Civil War. They will use PowerPoint to show pictures of Battlefields, Soldiers, etc. Of course they would also include small amounts (NOT large) of information on the slide. Like a reference to what battle was fought there, who the soldiers are, who the General pictured was, etc.

    Maybe the teacher could take a class at the college about using PowerPoint. I am all for people taking non-credit classes even after College.

    Oh and I read the post about Lady-Downstairs. I think she’s a loony, hope you have no more trouble out of her. 😀


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