Bob Francisco Fired

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 17 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

Everyone knew it was just a matter of time before old Bobby boy was sacked, and it finally happened.

I first heard about it from Travis. Here’s basically what I was told happened with some of my comments inserted:

Some kid (i.e. probably some freshman) at Mines Park (part of the residence halls at Mines) built some rails (rails are long pieces of tubular metal used to grind skateboards, bikes, rollerblades and likes on) and Bob took them down. Arguably, Bob was within his jurisdiction when he did that. So all is good. Anyway, this kid sets up a meeting with Bob to talk to him about it which I think is a great idea. So this kid goes to this meeting. He shows up and instead of talking about it, Bob just chews him out and doesn’t stop. So the kid goes home and writes a seven page letter and sends it to someone; maybe President Scoggins, maybe the Board of Trustees, I don’t know. This is last Thursday. The very next day Bob is given the choice to resign or be escorted out by the police.

Yesterday, Harold R. Cheuvront, Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students sent the following letter to all faculty, staff and students:

Bob Francisco, who has been with Colorado School of Mines since 1988, recently resigned his position as Director of Student Life. I know I speak for many students who attended CSM during Bob’s tenure in thanking him for his many contributions to the quality of Student Life, especially in the areas of facilities construction and maintenance. Bob was intimately involved in the construction and renovation of the Student Center, the renovations of Morgan, Thomas, Bradford and Randall Halls, as well as the construction of Mines Park, the three sorority houses, the FIJI Fraternity House, and the Recreation Center.

I’m actually not quite sure how many people would actually thank Bob. He seemed more like a pain in many peoples ass than helpful team player. But he’s gone. So that’s that.