Bob Francisco Fired

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 14 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

Everyone knew it was just a matter of time before old Bobby boy was sacked, and it finally happened.

I first heard about it from Travis. Here’s basically what I was told happened with some of my comments inserted:

Some kid (i.e. probably some freshman) at Mines Park (part of the residence halls at Mines) built some rails (rails are long pieces of tubular metal used to grind skateboards, bikes, rollerblades and likes on) and Bob took them down. Arguably, Bob was within his jurisdiction when he did that. So all is good. Anyway, this kid sets up a meeting with Bob to talk to him about it which I think is a great idea. So this kid goes to this meeting. He shows up and instead of talking about it, Bob just chews him out and doesn’t stop. So the kid goes home and writes a seven page letter and sends it to someone; maybe President Scoggins, maybe the Board of Trustees, I don’t know. This is last Thursday. The very next day Bob is given the choice to resign or be escorted out by the police.

Yesterday, Harold R. Cheuvront, Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students sent the following letter to all faculty, staff and students:

Bob Francisco, who has been with Colorado School of Mines since 1988, recently resigned his position as Director of Student Life. I know I speak for many students who attended CSM during Bob’s tenure in thanking him for his many contributions to the quality of Student Life, especially in the areas of facilities construction and maintenance. Bob was intimately involved in the construction and renovation of the Student Center, the renovations of Morgan, Thomas, Bradford and Randall Halls, as well as the construction of Mines Park, the three sorority houses, the FIJI Fraternity House, and the Recreation Center.

I’m actually not quite sure how many people would actually thank Bob. He seemed more like a pain in many peoples ass than helpful team player. But he’s gone. So that’s that.


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  1. I didn’t here this story about Bob… Frankly, I pretty sure this isn’t the first time someone has complained about him.

    As fair as I know Bob has had a little trouble with drinking and got his second DUI a few months ago. (The first one the school kind of covered up.) This of course got his license taken away but he continued to drive. He was pulled over on campus without a license and when President Scoggins caught wind of it he was asked to leave.

  2. I think Brother Bob had MANY skeletons in his closet. He should have been given the boot back when Big Hair Barb departed the scene. Amazing he lasted this long.

  3. I’m sure. There’s a Federal Case involving the death of Rio Nicholas (who died in 2001 at CSM from a supposed drug overdose. The lawsuit

    claims school officials and campus police deliberately covered up information about their son?s death


    specifically names the Golden, CO School?s director of public safety, Richard M. Boyd, school police Sgt. Robert Allen, vice president and dean of students Harold Cheuvront and director of student life Robert Francisco.

    (emphasis mine)

    Make of that what you will.

    In any event, glad to see you’re still alive and kicking.

  4. Andrew- nice to see that you are still as ignorant as when I first met you- too bad I couldn’t tell you that at the time. Nice to see that you’re still making an ass of yourself. Didn’t your mom ever tell you that if you didn’t have anything nice to say, you should keep your mouth shut? Apparently you were too occupied with self importance back then also. I only hope that you’ll grow up someday and start acting like an adult, before someone makes an example out of you. A little lesson for you- if you don’t know the facts, you’d be better off to be keep your mouth shut and maybe you’ll learn something- rather than to have diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain and show your ignorance. It’s a relief not having to deal with people like you any more. I almost feel sorry for you, but don’t worry, you don’t mean that much to me- never have, never will.

  5. Hi Bob. What a fascinating post. I see you haven’t changed much over the years. Its pretty pathetic when a grown adult uses threats and intimidation on kids to further his cause.

    Since this aberrant behavior is all you seem to understand, let me tell you how the cow eats the cabbage. I strongly suggest that your previous post on this blog be your last. I am quite sure you remember me as well as the problems I had with you, Betty and Harold. Those problems have been well documented on my part.

    Here’s the bottom line Bob. I do not EVER want to hear that you have threatened Andrew or any other young adult again. I am the last person you want to screw with. You were very lucky I didn’t press the issue the last time around. It will not happen again.

    Now crawl back into your fucking hole.

  6. Mr. Kelly,
    No, I don’t remember you, nor do I care to, apparently you didn’t make a lasting impression on me- at all. There is not one single threat to Andrew, just some facts of life for him to reconsider- again. As for your response, plenty of threats- which I will cherish by the way.
    It’s the risk one takes by starting a blog and taking pot-shots at someone on the Internet, that’s open to the public and people invoke their freedom of speech- guess Andrew should have thought of that first.
    As for you, get a life- maybe check into some anger management classes. And you think you’re man enough to tell me what I can do in my life…..that’s pretty funny. Do us all a favor and seek help.
    As you can see, the threats mean nothing to me- I can handle myself and whatever you threaten to bring on- you have no idea how little that or you mean to me- and now that I don’t have to be politically correct, I’m free to say and do as I please- (isn’t America great??).
    You do whatever helps you sleep at night…….

  7. Bob, (if it really is you, although I have my doubts) you say that I’m “still as ignorant as when I first met you” and I’m “still making an ass of yourself.”

    I’m wondering if you can elaborate on that? I’ve reported the facts as I’ve heard them and while you seem to have a different story of events, you fail to state your case. If I really am as ignorant as you seem to think I am, I would encourage you to post your side of the events here. I promise not to moderate them in any way. Alternatively, I’d be willing to meet you for coffee and you can tell me about it (as long as I can tape the conversation).

    Why should I keep my mouth shut if I don’t have anything nice to say? It may be an old adage, but it doesn’t make it true. As you already seem to know, the world is too politically correct. Keeping quite just because I don’t have anything nice to say reeks of PCness (which I’m not a fan of, if you haven’t already noticed that either).

    If not having to deal with people like me makes you happy, all the more power to you. However, I wouldn’t say that you were the greatest team player either. As it turns out, I have been a very successful adult. I work well with others and perform superb work.

    I have no illusions about my presence on the Internet. I do enjoy exercising my First Amendment rights and I would encourage everyone to do so as well.

    Finally, don’t think that anything you say here will frighten me or cause me to change my ways. I’ve dealt with people far worse then you before and I’m still here.

    Enjoy your beer. (<— P.S. That’s a pot shot)

  8. Andrew- my response is probably against my better judgement, but since you asked for it, here it is.
    Yes, it’s me. THAT is a fact- and you doubt that fact- yet you “publish the facts as I’ve heard them”- which you failed to confirm facts from “stories” told by your “friends” (by the way- great sources of information) that’s not how one builds integrity- on the Internet, newspaper or in life- strike one.
    I was not fired- I resigned- my letter is on file with the school and the terms were written in a negotiated resignation agreement between me and the school- including “not to be discussed with anyone” and I doubt you will get anyone at the school to verify my terms because of all the legal b.s. in my resignation package, but it is a fact, I resigned- which included all of my benefits (and more) that I was entitled to. You don’t get that if you’re fired. And I was not escorted out by Public Safety. Strike two.
    I will not meet you for “coffee” and be “recorded”. I stated the facts above, the rest is a personnel issue of which I DO have the integrity not to discuss just as I have agreed in my severance package. You’ll have to live with thee facts as stated above.
    Don’t blame everything on “PCness”- sometimes it’s just the right thing to do- being a human being and treating others like human beings is the right thing to do- what you tried to do falls under the category of “defamation of character” and was done out of spite- and you should know better.
    Greatest team player? Maybe not in every case, but that’s why there are administrators- I was not hired to be “team player” I was hired to do a job, keep the best interest of the institution in mind, further the institution, and enforce the rules and policies as approved by the BOT. Nothing in my job description or contract was mentioned about being a “team player” to every situation and making every student happy- sometimes students got what they deserved- and if that included a good ass chewing, so be it- some learned from it and others- well let’s just say there are some that are “thicker” than others.
    As far as your assessment of your personal career- good for you- but that still doesn’t mean that you have the “right” to stab others in the back. Remember, you started the blog and I’m willing to bet that you never thought for a second that I’d find out- let alone respond- and that tells me a lot about your character- and I had it pegged from the beginning- it’s all about Andrew- who doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself- strike three.
    Expressing your First Amendment rights is a privilege- and abusing it is absolutely uncalled for. Expressing your opinion to degrade another’s character- now there’s a real adult manorism- that should get you far in life- if you’re just looking to be the center of attention without having any integrity. Good luck with that- there’s plenty of people you’ll be able to associate with that have no integrity.
    Change your ways? God forbid that you’d change now- you’ve decided what kind of person you want to be- far be it from me to change you or try to offer some GOOD characteristics- just remember, someone has to prepare a “speech” for your funeral when the time comes- what do you think they will say about YOU?? And if you have dealt with “far worse” people than me, did it ever cross your mind why you’re dealing with all of these “bad” people? Maybe a reality check in the mirror is in order.
    As for your illegal drug using friend at Mines Park (your first entry)- what you wrote is so far from the fact- it’s pitiful. It was a bike jump, built without permission in an area we seeded in order to meet erosion control regulations, there was no letter of retort written to anyone (that I’m aware of) and even his “daddy’s” friendship with a BOT member didn’t help him out of his situation. And that incident had absolutely NOTHING to do with me leaving Mines- that’s what makes it even more pitiful- and you claim to have printed the facts……and, by the way, there’s FAR more to your friend’s story at Mines Park- you should ask him all about it- not just a made up portion that makes him look good.
    On a final note- you go ahead and do whatever you want, write whatever you want, treat people however you want- as you say, you probably won’t change- so we’ll leave it at that. My 19 years at Mines were (for the most part) extremely successful- lots of friends, lots of hard work and lots of good memories. I’ve learned from my mistakes and moved on- unlike some others. Grudges are never a good thing to have.
    I wish you the best- and only plead again, treat people like you would like to be treated- you’ll be amazed how much further that gets you in life- AND how much happier you’ll be personally.
    Enough said- I’m going to go enjoy that beer you suggested.

  9. Bob,

    I appreciate you responding and I really do mean that. One of the biggest benefits of blogging (as opposed to other forms of information dissemination) is that it’s a two way street.

    I think one of the biggest misconceptions about blogs is that they are like every other website out there. Most blogs, in the tradition sense of the word, are really sites of conversation. I write something to start the conversation and then people (if they feel so inclined) continue the conversation in the comments.

    Thus, my site is not newspaper and it should not be treated as authoritative.

    Granted, I probably could have picked a better title. However, it’s not my goal to stab other people in the back and I apologize if that’s how you feel.

    While I didn’t explicitly expect you to find this post or my blog, I was not oblivious to the fact that if you searched for your name, you would mostly likely find this entry.

    The First Amendment is a right, not a privilege. Courts have held this up time and time again (Pell v. Procunier, Procunier v. Martinez, and Turner v. Safley would be good places to start).

    As for bad people, it’s really just a fact of living in America. From time to time, one is bound to encounter persons of a bad quality. It’s not a matter of hanging out with the wrong crowd.

    By the way, what’s with all the quote marks?

  10. To everyone concerning Bob:
    I dropped out of Mines almost a year ago, and I will remember Mr. Francisco. Nobody can be as dedicated to their job as much as Bob was. He loved his job and considered Mines before his own family. Yeah, Bob had a drinking problem. A DUI was inevitable, even he would say so. Bob inspired me not to be a pencil pusher the rest of my life, unlike a lot of you who hate him. This comment is not to insure an impression. It is simply a concern to everyone who met with Bob, including myself. We will not forget you. The main thing in life is being happy, and being happy with what you do. Whether that is being a mechanic or a rocket scientist, make sure you’re not selling your soul for it!

  11. Sorry Lee.
    The guy is a megalomaniac and an utter waste of human space. He dug his hole and now he gets to lie in it. The only thing Bob could inspire me to do is sue his ass. But you can’t get water out of a rock.

  12. My roommate just informed me of this blog last night. This is absolutely hilarious. Bob, you and I both know what happened, and if you can’t talk about it that’s just fine with me. I can tell you are worried about our collective well being just as the former Dean of Student Life should be. But don’t be, we will be fine. Well, at least, much better than you turned out. It’s interesting that you seem to think you are the only one that can “peg” someone from the start. I (like others) knew everything I needed to know about you from the first five seconds of our conversation (if you could call it that), and from what I read above, not much has changed, except that you were REMOVED (the area between fired and resigned is gray at best in this situation) from your position of authority. So, now we can tell you exactly what we think of you without direct repercussion. To show better form than you seemed capable of in your last post (actually all of them), I will refrain from directly attacking your personal character. But I will point out that as our lives taking off, yours seems to be…not. Funny that you “stated the facts above, [but] the rest is a personnel issue of which I DO have the integrity not to discuss just as I have agreed in my severance package” and yet earlier you stated, that you received “all of my benefits (and more) that I was entitled to.” Just as an arrogant excuse of a man who took his personal problems out on the state’s brightest young minds for 19 years should. Integrity clearly has nothing to do with it. However legal terms in your REMOVAL, that save the school face by covering up your actions, do. You are right, my father is friends with a board member. They both attended Mines when it was a MUCH different place. That has nothing to do with my “situation.” Perhaps you could clarify that “situation” for me. Was it that you sent a team with pickaxes to destroy a natural rock formation that we piled 2″ of dirt on top of and now I have to ride a few extra minutes to hit a nice jump? Yeah, not even the board could help me out of that one. You got me good. Also, I find it interesting that my 7-page documentation of our “meeting” got to the board the day before you were FORCED to resign. I wish I could say, “Got your ass,” but you got your own big guy.

  13. I wish I would have never hired Bob, he was a lot of problems, cost our company thousands of dollars, he talked about all the office supplies he and his wife seem to enjoy from school of the mines, and how he collected unemployment while still working. yet he always pointed the faults out on others, and talking about how honest he is, yet he gave away some of our product free to people. NIght mare

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