Christmas: Part 3

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 17 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

And savor I did, for almost twelve hours. Which is almost how much sleep I got. Okay, actually it was probably closer to ten. But still, lots of sleep…especially for Christmas.

I feel like I’ve taken up this really cool role. Every year I try to see how long I can sleep in before someone comes down and wake me up because, as a general rule, everyone has to be awake for Christmas. In years past, it’s been about 10-11ish. Not to shabby.

So I headed up stairs to open presents. Actually, Brian started:

What could it be?

OOOOH! Got you! SNAP! Sooo cooold. (How cold? Ice cold!)
A present in a present. There was actually some debate on if this counted as one or two presents. I don’t remember what the final verdict was, but I think it was two.

YAY! An Xbox 360 controller. This could really only mean one thing: there may or may not be an Xbox 360.

I couldn’t avoid it any longer, and I opened my FIRST present of Christmas 2006. A Sonicare! Mom took all the picture of me opening presents.

I was try to look as unhappy as possible. I don’t know why. I just was. How’d I do?

And now on to Dad.

Some boots! I like how Mom (or who ever wrapped them) used the old stereo box. I can state that the box is in fact 10 years old as I got the radio that was in the box as a graduation for from 5th grade. Okay, wow. I’m old. Can we not talk about this?

Buddy even got a present. Hint: It’s not actually a bone.

It’s a a 2 dimensional (yet somehow, also 3 dimensional) fox thing. Buddy looooves it.

Finally, Mom’s turn. If you click on the image, you might notice that package is addressed to “5”, from “7”. There are some people (a.k.a. Dad) who enjoy confusing would-be present-openers by not using real names and instead using numbers. I thought I would be one those people this year. 3 = Dad; 5 = Mom; 7 = Me; 11 = Brian. It’s birth order expressed as prime numbers, not including 1 or 2 because I thought that would be lame.

Crate & Barrel! I wonder what’s inside?!

Yes, Mom, you’re welcome for the tissue packing…I know it’s always what you wanted. Pause. NOT! (Inside joke there)

Actually, it’s a photo album with photos from our Europe Trip. Fortunately for you, dear AFdN reader, I assembled the photos online using Flickr and saved the fruits of labor for your enjoyment. So enjoy the Best of “The Ferguson’s Do Europe 2006” (Codename Aperture).

And so ends Round One of Christmas.