Starbucks Intimidation

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 14 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

You think the barista’s at Starbucks (and other places where college students study) are intimidated when they see what some of us are studying?


8 thoughts on “Starbucks Intimidation”

  1. No. I’ve meet a barista who had the degree I’m studying for. Life is choices.

    I own a car, but I also ride a bike to get around.

    Don’t assume.

  2. My local coffee shop has college students for baristas, they all get off work and pull out their books and join us customers.

  3. heck, man, i´m intimidated every time i see one of those coffee jockeys slinging cappuchinos behind the counter. wish i had the art.

  4. The proper strategy is to have a big textbook from a tough class (I use modern physics, a class which I dropped after the second day) on the outside of the book you’re actually reading (like Hop on Pop).

  5. My name is Andrew Ferguson and i’m a physics major. I want to pursue coffee as a full time career. I’m displeased that when I type in “Andrew Ferguson barista” into a google search your blog is in the top ten. Coffee is a much bigger industry and brings together some of the brightest people. Someday I’ll have done enough barista work that I’ll not have to read see this anymore.

  6. Second I’m not happy, and just found out, you have the AndrewFerguson twitter name. Just kidding.

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