A Very Quick Introduction to Server Side Includes (SSI)

I haven’t used SSI for years. I think I can safely say it’s been at least 5 years since I last used SSI. Apparently, it’s still alive and well though. My cousin, Nick, has been learning web design and asking me all sorts of questions. I keep tabs on what he’s doing and point him in various directions to new things he might be interested in.

The latest was SSI. I noticed that he had a few pages, all with the same navigation bar, and thought to myself, Hmm…what’s the easiest way to replace this? Oh, I know SSI!

I then said to myself, Crap, it’s been a while since I wrote, let alone even seen, any SSI directives.

So I did a bit of research, whipped up a quick site to show off how cool SSI is, and then included some links to some decent SSI pages.

I was even able to do some fancy .htaccess and linking to show the workings of the SSI pages I made without having duplicates (in the traditional sense).

View the Very Quick SSI Introduction

I did a cp -l to link the files to a new directory and then placed the follow in the .htaccess file to have them display and not execute as either SSI or HTML:

Options -Includes
AddType text/plain .shtml
AddType text/plain .html

Well Duh

Pete Cashmore over at Mashable wrote:

From mashable.com:

Meanwhile, it emerged today as a result of SEC filings that Apple is being sued over an alleged monopoly. The allegation is that Apple’s DRM is monopolistic, since it prevents iTunes music from being played on anything apart from an iPod and vice versa (songs bought elsewhere don’t tend to work with iPods).

Well duh. DRM has always been a two fold issue. First, it supports the RIAAs infantile desire requirement to “protect” “their” music. Second, it’s a reasonably good business model: keep people locked into your system.

But there are issues.

First, DRM for the RIAAs sake is one of those things where it really only hurts the honest people. Current DRM systems suck balls because their implemented poorly. Thus, someone like DVD John is able to crack them within hours of release. The honest people don’t know how to unlock their music and the dishonest people do, causing hell for the rest of everyone else.

Locking people into your system may be a good thing. That is, until people jump ship and go to your competitors product. Then what? In a world where everything must, and I do mean MUST, communicate with EVERYTHING else, proprietary formats are doomed to failure. Case in point: Betamax, ATRAC3, UMD. Ok, actually that’s more than one and they are all Sony technologies (which I currently ban). But I think the point is still valid.

So what? Well, I hope the coming year sees the change in companies that I have been seeking for years. Much like the proverbial “Peace on Earth”, I doubt it will happen. But it’s something to consider. For any companies or persons at companies who happen to not only stumble upon this post, but also happen to read this far: I just want to let you know that my purchasing choices do tend to reflect my desire for a level of openness: open source, non-proprietary, APIs, etc.

P.S. I found the original Mashable post via Scoble’s Google Shared RSS, it’s pretty cool and picks up on a lot of things I don’t see in my limited set. Thanks Robert!

Christmas: Part 1

Christmas is always an amazing time of the year, especially for college students I think. I love being able to come home and see everyone I know and catch up. I got all my shopping finished up on 23rd and then let the festivities begin on Christmas Eve.

On Saturday (T-minus 2 days ’till Christmas), we went to the Bellevue Nordstrom for Santa photos this year. All four humans (Mom, Dad, Brian, and I) plus all three owners (Jumper, Dunstan, and Buddy) made appearances. I’ll post photos when we get them back.


Mom took Jumper with her to go stand in line and then Brian and I showed up later with Dunstan and Buddy. Dad met us there on his way back from his Portland trip and we all smiled.

Our family has had a history of going to Duke’s on Christmas Eve since 1992 (says mom). This year, we decided to spice it up a bit and went to Salty’s. Salty’s was fun and we had a spectacular view of Seattle. It’s a buffet style evening, so we were able to taste many fantastic seafoods. A real perk of living in Seattle.


After Salty’s, it’s pretty much a semi-mad rush to church for the Christmas Eve service. We saw the Haner’s, the Puntigam’s, and Joyce (one of my old caregivers). The service was good. They forgot to turn out the lights during “Silent Night” though, and that made me sad. Afterwards, I saw Duane Mullen, Annie Mesaros, Katie Mesaros, and family, Liz Purday and family, Quinn McGinnis and family, Devan Owens, Jeff Towne, Carin Towne, Jeff Hanway and family, and Chris James, Lindsay James, I’m sure there were others too.

We came back home and opened a few presents….

They Offed Saddam

Reports are starting to trickle in: Saddam Hussein is dead.

From news.bbc.co.uk:

Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has been executed by hanging at an unspecified location in Baghdad, for crimes against humanity.

Iraqi TV said the execution took place just before 0600 local time (0300GMT).

The news was confirmed to the BBC by the Iraqi Deputy Foreign Minister, Labeed Abawi.

Initially, I thought that he just might make it through the New Year. But after reading some articles yesterday, I was beginning to suspect that he might not see the end of 2006. Still, today’s execution comes as a surprise to me. I was thinking tomorrow might be the day (actually, I guess it was the 30th for Saddam). Things moved real quick since his last appeal expired only 3 days ago.
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You Don’t Know Jack!

Often times when I go over to Jeff Staples’ house, we’ll play You Don’t Know Jack. It’s a great and witty game and a good time is had by all. DownloadSquad reports that YDKJ is back, almost:

From www.downloadsquad.com:

One of the PC games from the mid-’90s that I have the fondest memories of is You Don’t Know Jack, a great raucously fun game that really set the bar for hot-seat trivia action. Today I’m thrilled to report that You Don’t Know Jack rides again, in the form of the Daily DisOrDat.

Every weekday, a new DisOrDat shows up and announces some bit of current news (sometimes) and then asks questions vaguely based on the news element.

Go play! It’s awesome!

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Christmas Update

It’s been a busy last few days. The good news is: Christmas shopping is done. Presents are wrapped and under the tree. Wednesday, I went to the chiropractor to have my neck and back fixed. I suffered a bit of whiplash on Monday while skiing with Peter (no joke, I really did. It was a skiing, thud, loose ski, bounce, crap, bounce, loose other ski, crap, bounce, finally stop.) I’ve never heard my back crack so violently. I’ve played two rounds of Risk. One the first, got 2nd place in the second…although when it comes to world domination, I’m not quite sure there is a second place. Santa photos with the family and all three pets. My sleep schedule is still a bit off (as you might tell from when I’m posting this), but life has been good. I apologize profusely to people who have been trying to get in touch with me over the last few weeks. I do plan to dig my self out at some point and return your emails and/or phone calls, really. Tomorrow is going to be pretty busy too. Late lunch at Salty’s with the family and then the 7pm Christmas Eve service (any takers?). Back home to jump in bed before Santa gets here. Christmas day should be nice and relaxing…finally.