8 Replies to “I Want a Bed”

  1. the $ goes in front of the amount, like


    Also, I just want to take this opportunity to bash IKEA. They may have the cheapest beds but you don’t get much value for your money.

  2. I’m shocked!!! I LOVE Ikea. Dropped about $1200 (note the $ sign in the right place…) there this summer on our apartment in California. I will agree, you get what you pay for but its cool stuff for the price.

    To bad there isn’t one here. The closest we have is a Scandnavian Designs store.

  3. Yea, I was looking on Craigslist even before I posted. I don’t want to buy new because I don’t need new. I have an email out to someone who has a “barely used, Full size bed…[that] was purchased 4 years ago and has been in our spare bedroom ever since.” Includes mattress, box spring, and frame for the low low asking price of only 75 bones (note how I was able to avoid using both the dollar sign or the USD notation). I’ll offer $60 and see if they bite.

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