Rules for Concerts

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 14 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

I headed down to The Showbox with Peter, Quinn, Ben, and Brian. We got in around 8 and proceeded to wait for until the first performer to come on.
Half hour later, we finally got some hiphop by One Be Lo. He was a good warmup.
Following him Choklate, a local group, came up. I wasn’t that impressed with them. The bassist looked like The Edge though.
Finally, after almost 4 hours of waiting, One Self finally came on. They were pretty good. Worth the $12.50. Standing for 4 hours isn’t my cup of tea though. I would have also enjoyed myself more if the fat drunk lady weren’t trying to push way up from behind me. Then there was the “whoop-whoop” girl who kept doing this circle dance like she was trying to lasso something (albeit, without moving her feet). Waaaaay annoying.

So here are the rules for concerts:

  1. Show up early
  2. Don’t become intoxicated
  3. Don’t be annoying
  4. Ladies, be aware of where your hair is. My face is not a good place.
  5. Be aware of how big your bubble is.
  6. No smoking, anything

On the way out, I saw LuLu Hays from UPC.

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2 thoughts on “Rules for Concerts”

  1. there is no such thing as a bubble in a concert. at least the kind where you are standing and its really really hot and humid and the people behind you are hitting the pipe and then blowing smoke in your direction (bastards).

  2. Oh yea, rule #6: No smoking, anything! There were some people smoking cigarettes at the DMB concert. That ticked me off too.

    As for the bubble, you always have a bubble. Yes, it’s much much smaller at a concert, but fat dunk ladies dry humping you it’s not okay.

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