Casino Royale

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The times they are a-changin’.

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Now you can tell all your friends that you died scratching my balls.” – James Bond

Note: There may be some spoilers, nothing too bad, just a warning.

Wow. What a fantastic movie. I left thinking that was one of the best Bond movies, ever. Easily one of the top five. Better even than GoldenEye (although interestingly enough, it’s the same director, Martin Cambell). I like that it’s a smart film. It’s written for a newer, younger generation that’s tired of formulaic movies. Granted, the basic outline of James Bond movies is rather formulaic, but Casino Royale breaks out of this with a few exceptions: a really nice car is destroyed, there are some gadgets (although not nearly as many as in past films), the girl, the villain, guns, and action. Lots of action. The action scene is awesome. By far the best that I can remember…ever.

What’s missing? CGI. Which is good. We all know how the Clone Wars went down with that completely CGI scene. Speaking of bad CGI, anyone seen the shitty CGI for Spiderman 3 yet? Yea….not going to be seeing that movie. Just in case anyone was wondering, I don’t mind CGI…but it has to be good CGI. What’s good CGI?


John Gaeta is my hero. That’s good CGI.

But back to Bond. Um yea. Great Fantastic film.


It currently has a powerful 8.2/10 rating on the Internet Movie Database and it has been rated at #229 in the top 250 movie of all time; the highest rating for a James Bond movie.

(Emphasis added)

The best part is the end. Craig finally utters the immortal words:

Mr. White: (I’m paraphrasing here) Who are you?

James Bond: Bond, James Bond.

Cut to black. Roll credits.

I give it an A+ and strongly recommend seeing it in theaters.

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