Brian’s Winter Balls…er, Ball

Brian sent a message to my phone:

hey so get on line. just wanted to inform you i got a date to Winter Ball…

Amy Sherrow from The Edge.

Nice story behind the whole thing too, be sure to ask Brian next time you see him. (Heck, just call him up now)

This has been a Public Service Announcement.

10 Replies to “Brian’s Winter Balls…er, Ball”

  1. I was going to send a interesting and funny post which was uplifting to all, but when I tried to post it, I was told that I am a registered user and must sign in before I could share it with you. It deleted the message i had written and gave me no option to sign in, now this is all you get, you don’t even get my full name!

  2. actual conversation-

    Andrew- “oh look Brian it’s Amelia, its Emma”

    Brian- “Oh look andrew its no one”

    Andrew actually looked.

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