What to do About the Neighbor Below

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 13 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

As I’ve previously reported here and here, the neighbor below has certain noise issues. I’ve tried to keep quite, but in order for me to be quite I pretty much have to forgo the use of my bedroom after 10pm unless I’m using it for sleeping.

I’m not quite sure if was all the thinking about politics I’ve had to do lately or taking an economics class, but I’ve decided that me having to forgo the use of my bedroom to appease the childish needs of the neighbor below isn’t going to work anymore.

Here’s the plan. Currently she “enjoys” knocking on the ceiling whenever she feels I’m being too loud. This knocking annoys and frustrates me. The next time she knocks I will inform her of her choice. She can either stop knocking or she can offset the cost of me not being able to use the room I pay rent for. That is, she can pay me to be extra quiet just for her. I currently value my time at $19.37 an hour, and that’s the rate she can pay.

Seems like a fair, free market compromise. Actually, I think this falls under the Coase theorem.


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  1. i tink a more compelling way to divide cost is jst takeyour rent anddvide it b hour. lessadvantageous for you, but definitely more reasonabe. lso, youcan do what i did with my razy downstairs neighbor. evey time she starts bning, call the landlod. our landlord was nsite so he wou go to her uit evry ime she coplained ndwould har normal noises and then he would come uphere and hear ncesan banging.
    my keyboais fucked up move back! and fix it!

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