Time to Pick Classes, again

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 14 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

Assuming I pass all my classes, which is my plan, I’m looking to take most of the following:

  • EGGN 250 – MEL 1 – 1.5 Credits
  • DCGN 381 – Circuits – 3 Credits
  • MACS 315 – Differential Equations – 3 Credits
  • EGGN 320 – Mechanics of Materials – 3 Credits
  • EGGN 371 – Thermodynamics 1 – 3 Credits
  • MACS 323 – Probability and Statistics – 3 Credits
  • EGGN 351 – Fluids 1 – 3 Credits
  • LAIS 285 – Introduction to Law and Legal Systems – 3 Credits

Those are actually all the classes I can take or might be interested in taking (in the case of LAIS 285).

For those who’ve had these classes before, what are the good profs? Who should I avoid?


1 thought on “Time to Pick Classes, again”

  1. For fluids the best prof is Nelson, however he only teaches in the fall so takethe second best – Sullivan, otherwise dont take the class

    Prob stat, hutchinson is hot but you wont learn a thing from her, moskal is reasonable – but if plamer is teaching it take him

    Circuits – ammerman is the only way to go

    Diff Eq – not my department

    Mechanics of Materials – my department but strangely enoughi remember very little of that class, I only attended 4 of them ever – crappy prof, but i got him fired so you dont have to worry about him

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