Trigonometric Identities

Wikipedia has a list of trig identities.

I’m not quite sure what’s worse, the fact that Wikipedia has them or the fact that I need to use them.

Calc III exam at 7:30 6:30.

Here are the three I’ve been using a lot:

  • Sin2[x] = (1-Cos[2x])/2
  • Cos2[x] = (1+Cos[2x])/2
  • Sin2[x] + Cos2[x] = 1



10.5 inches. That’s how much snow we just got here in Golden! It snowed for a good 24 hours and really just stopped a few hours ago (okay, like 6 hours ago). There were a bunch of accidents yesterday, according to Matt:

My excitement was riding my bike from school in the weather. I ended up stopping for about an hour telling people about the 8 wreaks on Washington street, and how they won’t be heading that direction for any time soon. I shot some video for a Matt Matteson on location episode so maybe Friday expect that. The plows were so late they were having to wait to clear accidents to plow the road. Saw an RTD bus sideways on Washington, lots of cars driven into parked cars. It was a neat mess to watch.

Here’s the route I took home:
my snow route

Star Trek: The Animated Series

I have this great plan to watch all the Star Trek shows and movies…in order. After I finished watching The Original Series last summer, I took a short break. I finished up with the original movies a few weeks after school started. Believe it or not, there was an animated version of Star Trek. I’m watching “Beyond the Farthest Star” right now. It makes me laugh. I was going to go on with The Next Generation because The Animated Series wasn’t out on DVD yet, but it just came out. This should only be a short deviation as there are only 22 some half-hour shows. A far cry from the 79 hour-long episodes of TOS (well, really only 50 minutes). I hope to be done before Winter Break is over.

More Snow

Brian and Quinn both just let me know that it’s snowing in Seattle and sticking. Looks like I got out just in time. My flight yesterday was delayed 30 minutes so they could de-ice. I slept the whole way. I’m good on the plane like that.

Oh So Sore

My entire lower body just hurts. My butt hurts when I sit, it hurts when I stand, it hurts when I walk. I didn’t go skiing today. Neither did Quinn, although he was sick. We walked around Whistler Village and finally settled on Star Bucks with free WiFi provided by The Mix by Ric’s. We talked with Katharine Staples via Skype and then headed over to the Longhorn for another round of drinks. Good times.

Dad, Brian, Quinn, and I left for seattle just before 8. It was snowing all through Canada and a little into Washington. I can’t believe this week is over, it’s been a great week.


Peter, with Ben and Quinn in tow, picked me up at 3:30 today. That would be 3:30 am, not pm. We hit the slopes just before 9, with only a few hours of rest. But it was worth it. The 30 cm of fresh powder, fresh tracks, the sore body. We went to Longhorn Bar at the base and had drinks with Peter, Ben, Quinn, Paul, and Gabey.

Quick side note: Windows Vista was codenamed Longhorn “after the Longhorn Bar in the Whistler-Blackcomb resort”. Why? Windows XP was codenamed Whistler and the version after Longhorn was codenamed Blackcomb. Longhorn was “initially planned as an “interim release” between “Whistler” and “Blackcomb” (which is now “Vienna”).” (Source:

Paul invited us all to dinner at The Spaghetti Factory. We went over to Gabey’s place to drop stuff off. Having only a few hours of sleep, I elected to nap instead of eating. As Peter will attest to, I can get crabby when I’m tired. Well, two hours later I get woken up. Turns out Peter’s wanted to take a quick nap, but his alarm didn’t work. Ben woke up and was like, “Hey, this is a long ‘quick nap’.” We went over anyway to see if they were still there, they weren’t. We ate.

Brian and Dad arrived and got a hotel room. Brian joined us just as we were leaving. We went back to Gabey’s place, then we left for the pubs (Brian left for the hotel at this point since he’s not 19 yet).

All throughout the day, we (and by “we”, I mean Peter) were asking people (and by “people”, I mean hot girls) where to go party. Just about everyone said The Savage Beagle. By time we got there though, it line was a half hour long. It was late and cold. We ended up at Tapley’s. We rolled out around 1:30am. And now it’s bed time.

Happy Gobble Gobble Day

Thanksgiving break has been good this, thus far. We had thanksgiving dinner tonight. Thanksgiving dinner has been one of the weird things, of my family (at least I think of it as weird). We always eat around 4 or 5pm, which is a good three hours earlier then when we normally eat.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Leaving for Whistler in a few hours! Yay.

Rules for Concerts

I headed down to The Showbox with Peter, Quinn, Ben, and Brian. We got in around 8 and proceeded to wait for until the first performer to come on.
Half hour later, we finally got some hiphop by One Be Lo. He was a good warmup.
Following him Choklate, a local group, came up. I wasn’t that impressed with them. The bassist looked like The Edge though.
Finally, after almost 4 hours of waiting, One Self finally came on. They were pretty good. Worth the $12.50. Standing for 4 hours isn’t my cup of tea though. I would have also enjoyed myself more if the fat drunk lady weren’t trying to push way up from behind me. Then there was the “whoop-whoop” girl who kept doing this circle dance like she was trying to lasso something (albeit, without moving her feet). Waaaaay annoying.

So here are the rules for concerts:

  1. Show up early
  2. Don’t become intoxicated
  3. Don’t be annoying
  4. Ladies, be aware of where your hair is. My face is not a good place.
  5. Be aware of how big your bubble is.
  6. No smoking, anything

On the way out, I saw LuLu Hays from UPC.

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