This Is How You Vote!

The King County Absentee Ballots have multiple envelopes to put your ballot in. These can be confusing for first time voters. So I made this video to help demystify the envelopes. You can also call the King County Records, Elections & Licensing Services Division at 206-296-VOTE (8683) or Toll Free at 1-800-325-6165.

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Why Can’t I Comment on my MySpace Picture?

This is freaking retarted. I’m trying to leave a comment on one of my MySpace pictures and I get this error:

“You must be someone’s friend to make comments about them.”

WTF? It’s my freaking picture! What a crappy UI! If you can’t do something, why do you have an active button that lets you think you can do it?

On a somewhat related note, why is there a button on my profile page for me to add myself as a friend? I click on it and it says:

“You cannot add yourself as a friend.”

Again, what shitty UI. Whoever coded that should be shot…or at least fired.

Al Kyder and Terry Wrist – War on Everything

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In case you haven’t been completely in the loop, here’s what’s happened in the last few days or so:


Watched Lost in Translation last night. I think Roger Ebert described it best: “Sweet and sad at the same time…”.

For whatever reason, it really made me want to fly to London (or Tokyo). I searched for prices throughout the movie. CheapFlights has Seattle to London on US Airways for $361 plus taxes fees. Unfortunately, it’s only for a week and it’s right in the middle of finals.

I wish school could be done. I wish the daylight could be longer. I wish I could be back in Seattle.


One of my physics 2 lab partners, MaryBeth, was telling us (Josie and myself) about how many little sisters she has in her sorority and how two of them were “deactivated”. I thought is was funny how members of a sorority could be deactivated. What was even more interesting was that a person can only join one fraternity/sorority…ever. Even if you are deactivated, you can’t ever join another house.

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Earl is Leaving

I was talking with my Mom this week, she said that Earl Palmer, the Senior Pastor at UPC is leaving. Here’s the note he sent out:

Dear UPC Family,

These past fifteen years as senior pastor at UPC have been totally joyous and fulfilling because I love what I am doing! I recently shared with our church Session a new vision of a ministry that would allow me to serve God in teaching, writing and encouragement of pastors and laity in a more expansive way, both here in Seattle and beyond. The Session has endorsed this vision in which I will eventually move from my current responsibilities into a new and exciting mandate. While I continue in my role fully engaged as your senior pastor, the church will spend the next year conducting a search for a new senior pastor. Following the arrival of that new pastor, I will move into this ministry-at-large post under the auspices of a newly created Encouragement Foundation formed by members and friends of UPC and managed by a separate, independent board of directors who would shepherd me in this new ministry.

As you know I don’t believe in the kind of retirement that means disrupting the biblical rhythm of the Fourth Commandment, “six days thou shalt labor, one day thou shalt rest,” and ministry with people young and old is for me the most rewarding work I know. I feel great and my health is strong, but I know that patterns change throughout our life journey, especially as our chronological age moves upward. Since this year I will turn 75, Shirley and I have been praying and thinking about this age marker and in prayerful conversations with friends this new vision has emerged.

I look forward to this year ahead of ministry here at UPC as your senior pastor, and then Shirley and I are excited about the next era that opens new ministry opportunities as the Lord leads. For us, one of the best parts of this new era is staying right here in Seattle and continuing in our friendships with you, our beloved UPC congregation. Most of all our prayer for us all is that as we grow in age we will grow in grace.

Your Pastor,
Earl Palmer

Earl F. Palmer

Site Updates

It’s been a while since I’ve done some major updates. I just got done upgrading all the plugins, removing some I didn’t need or don’t use and even installing a new one. I’m thinking about changing the site design. I’m also going to do a bit of house keeping in regard to what I have listed as a page and what I don’t. I’ll try not to break anything, but if I do, please let me know.

Guthrie TV Advertisment

Jacqueline Passey posts that Bruce Guthrie is running TV ads now. Apparently, this is a big deal. I’ve only been voting for 2 years now (I am only 20, you know), so I haven’t paid much attention to previous senate races. But the ad is good freaking awesome.

You should honestly see some of the crap that’s being run here in Colorado right now.

In any event, the title says “Guthrie for Senate TV Spot 1”. Spot 1? I guess more might be on their way!

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Threadless recently had a $10 sale on their shirts. I’ve been eying some of them for a while, so I decided to pull the trigger and get ’em. It’s also been a while since I’ve added new shirts to by collection.

Signal vs. Noise recently posted “7 reasons why Threadless Rules“, not that reasons are needed. Here are a couple that I didn’t know (and thought might be interesting):

Find the Golden Tag and Win:

That’s right… if you receive your order and your shirt has a gold foil tag you win a free tee of your choice!

The details:
There is one golden tag for each size printed of a design.

If you’re one of the lucky purchasers just take a photo of you and your gold tag and email it to and we’ll get back to you!

Threadless also manages to make a neat little profit, although I wouldn’t describe $6.2 million worth of merchandise moved to be very tiny. This years goal? Around $19 million.