The times they are a-changin’.

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All done at Boeing…for now. Yay! It was an incredible two months. I learned so much, not just Java, but development, business, communication, design. Pretty much everything. And…

…I’ll be doing it again next year! I took an educational leave of absence and I’ll be return next summer as an intern in the hardware group, which is more electrical engineering-based (and that’s my degree). If I like it enough, and if Boeing likes me enough, they might even make me an offer at the end of next year (or the year after, depends on where I stand graduation wise).


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  1. Hey Andrew,

    I stumbled onto your blog while I was looking for some info on what I could expect this summer at Boeing. I hafta say, it’s great piece of writing and gave me a bit of a heads up as to what may possibly come my way.

    Take care, all the best!

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